Hololive Reacts To Gura's Secret Garden Compilation【Hololive Minecraft EN Server】

【Source】 https://youtu.be/D90jptI_ilE (Sora) https://youtu.be/OqpeRJrY2BE (Kanata) https://youtu.be/O5y8_MFpO9k (Watame) https://youtu.be/hpQmoB8xLKo (Shion) https://youtu.be/v40Rx21B7w8 (Miko) https://youtu.be/cpAIDVE7DhM (Gura) https://youtu.be/MnDA6_p7nQw (Fauna) https://youtu.be/uGC-aO-pUnA (Ina) https://youtu.be/352MT2Im9b4 (Flare) https://youtu.be/-su7x7Crkh8 (Roboco) https://youtu.be/tIYY1QR6-7k (Bae) https://youtu.be/NQFOlnRtyEk (Nenechi) 【Tokino Sora】 Tweets by tokino_sora … Read More

Kiara's Fiery Rant About Not Using The JP Server's Resources | HololiveEN Clips

In this video, we are treated to a classic Takanashi Kiara rant! Chat asks her to use the HololiveJP Server for resource collection but Kiara wastes no time in shutting … Read More