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Testing ESO Update 30 Blackwood on Public Test Server | Deltia's Past Livestreams #19

Watch Deltia test the new update Blackwood for the Elder Scrolls Online Update 30 on the Public Test Server. Please note, this is a testing area and what you say … Read More

ESO Blackwood Chapter Early Reactions from the Public Test Server

Deltia shares his early impressions from the Blackwood Elder Scrolls Online Chapter and Update 30 currently on the Public Test Server. We cover Companions, Oblivion Portals, Rockgrove Trial, gear sets, … Read More

ESO – PS4 NA/EU Servers Down for 48 Hours?!?!😱#CancelESO 🚫

What is going on guys! So PS4 NA/EU Servers are down for 48 Hours!?!?! #CancelESO This is some crazy stuff, hope this helps you guys understand what is going on … Read More

Blackwood Chapter, Companions, Champion Points rework, New ESO Servers and more!🔥🔥🔥

Blackwood Chapter for ESO. This video is a summary of the reveal stream from yesterday. Once PTS is up, we will take a closer look at all the new stuff … Read More

[2015] TOP 10 Minecraft Server Reviews: 1.9 Cracked [NO HAMACHI] 24/7 No whitelist Survival

Hello and welcome Bencrafter to the 4th year anniversery of Minecraft Server Reviews! My name is of course Bencraft and me and Bigpower are proud to present to you: TOP … Read More

Vateshran Hollows Trifecta without the Pale Order Ring on the Live Server – Elder Scrolls Online ESO

This is a clip from the live stream on twitch from the day 1 Markarth DLC launch. I ran the Vateshran Hollows arena with my Magicka Sorcerer on the PCEU … Read More