SUBMERGED Among Us w/ Ozza, Skadj, LaWhoo, Brizzy, Reptar, Ressnie, and others


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  1. Kara does make a great comfort streamer, she has the variety and she not extremely loud but can show excitement I absolutely enjoy watching her play will chilly and ze and them all, I hope she found that editor for her videos

  2. I always enjoy putting these on while I'm working around the "house" these days. I commented a while back about how they've helped me through some of the rough times and that holds true. Things are a bit better but life is still a mess. I genuinely appreciate having these to watch/listen to almost every day, the group of folks having fun together helps make me feel a bit better. They keep me from being lonely when I'm by myself all day too. Please keep having fun and posting these. Thanks.

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