The two biggest brain impostors teaming up, Toast and Steve. What could be easier than this?

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Date: 13th January 2021
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18 thoughts on “STEVE'S EASIEST IMPOSTOR WIN YET (S13E12)”
  1. At around 3:55, I was with Steve in thinking Toast was teleporting Skadj's body to O2 instead of lab, and thought "wow, that's so smooth, what a great lie". Then he instead puts the body right at a point Steve would have to run past in order to report Hafu and I'm like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" But it worked, apparently.

    Enigmatic genius, Toast is.

  2. Does anyone know the link to the video where Steve says “wha? All the hats are gone?! Whaaa?” In exaggerated accent (/voice?) 😭 I can’t stop thinking about it

  3. Recipe for Steve's easiest impostor win:

    1. Get Toast as an impostor partner who "gets away with everything"
    2. Let Sips get to cams and keep him alive there.
    3. Let Peter act naturally so Sips becomes sus of him.

    Absolutely beautiful!

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