Steve’s Among Us is Like His Politics…

Alright, alright, alright.
Play along with Detective steve as he tries to solve a series of mysterious Murders on Skeld. He saved the game by reporting the clutch body, but will he be clutch when it is needed the most?


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Stream Date: 18th January 2021
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39 thoughts on “Steve’s Among Us is Like His Politics…”
  1. this was one of my worst meetings personally for sussing out who it was 😭 i legit thought it was kimi as one of them from the first round

  2. no cap when i was at work today over the loud speakers one of the songs playing really reminded me of "Steven Time" and then the chorus hit and i was like, wait this is the song that Steven Time parodies XD

  3. Even tho steven time got played i dont blame steve, it ties even if he voted dk and steve was susd when he shouldnt of been by 5up but i think that was cus of the game bugging

  4. I almost grabbed my nail file and spent the whole second round not listening but then remembered that I am a detective and this case needs to be solved. Let's actually get serious here.
    R1: I am discarding any impostor meta specifically for who I sussed (it will surprise no one that I immediately sussed dk when he said to vote janet.) to me, I feel that janet and kara are crew and nobody else. I feel lost and confused. my senses are dulled.
    R2: we have a 5up clear now, and I feel that kara and janet are crew. besides steve, that leaves dd, dk, and kimi. I think I may have miscleared janet because it doesn't feel like it's a dddk game, nor does it feel like kimi because she literally gave so much info. maybe it's just between janet, dk, and dd?
    R3: I'm like 20 seconds into this round, and I feel strong dd energy because dd literally came from where steve came from and saw the doors close in front of steve, not behind. probably. idk how bad vision would be for him if he was actually crew. I'm calling a janet/dd game.
    Comment: Screw using evidence, I'm using meta only now. I wanted to sus dk for it being a left side kill right off the bat but felt it unfair.

  5. Round 1: Why the hell is nobody right side? One person went through weapons, but I didn't see who it was. Sounds like Dumbdog is suspicious, but nothing concrete. Kara is clear, so she'll die. Janet isn't lying about going right side, since nobody else is claiming it.

    Round 2: 5up does wires and Steve asks if he stops to sabotage. Slow clap Peter and hafu died this round, 5up was around nav where Peter died, and doesn't know where the hell Steve is. I'm thinking Dumbdog Kimi, but Janet and dk could be impostors too.

    Round 3: Dumbdog immediately accuses Steve? I don't think he could have killed here, but I don't like the accusation. Dk claims he's in the group that came up to caf, but I never saw him. I think dk killed and vented to admin, and Dumbdog is the other impostor.

    Wow, I think Dumbdog was just being a dumbass. I would have voted him too. Never would have guessed Janet though, she played that really well (and slow).

  6. this one doesn't count as steven time actually cuz his vote wouldn't matter regardless of him voting 5up, if he would have voted dk then it'd have tied and they'd still lose

  7. First meeting: it is Choco and Dk. The way Choco says "you guys are crazy" and Dk's "let's go Peter" are give aways.

    Second meeting: Dk trying to distract the conversation. 5up somewhat sus, based on placement and contradicting the known route, but 5up is too good of a player to make that kill, and desync is a thing. Choco trying to talk, but if she had actual information she'd be more assertive, so feel as if she's trying to force a lie.

    Third meeting: back to being between Dk and Choco/Plushys. Dk vouching for Plushys, trying to get a vouch back. Dumbdog couldn't have got this kill, Steve should have said something. He doesn't, and Steve and Plushys throw.

  8. DK should have definitely been voted out for the pathing info in the end considering he wasn't on lights from the start like he said.

  9. Round 1: Dead body in the middle of the hallway of Medbay. Steve haven't seen anyone so he can't clear anyone from this kill. Now listening to their story, it seems that Hafu, Dumbdog, plushys, Kara, and 5up are being accuse as they seem to have been in or near the area of the dead body. For now, I got nothing.

    Round 2: Peter just died as Kara has found it, so the killer is near. This does make 5up close to the body as he was also on the right side and he's accusing Steve when Steve didn't backtrack. As for Hafu's body, I don't believe plushys did lights, I think she saw hafu did lights, kill her, and claim to be fixing lights. But it's just a thought, Hafu could've died somewhere else.

    Round 3: The body is dead in cafe on the left side, and there's 2 people in cafe when Steve check admin table. The door got closed and only one person was in there, so they vented out or left on the left side. Can't be Steve, Dumbdog, and xCrewbars. Everyone else is sus for this kill. Dumbdog thinks it's Steve cuz he did try to go into cafe, but door closed on him. Kinda thinking it's 5up and Dumbdog. Both are sus from the 1st round and Dumbdog is accusing both Steve and dk. plushys could also be an impostor if either 5up or Dumbdog is wrong. dk on the other hand clearly isn't giving much information and he could've been the one who kill in cafe if he's admitting to being on the right side when no one was on the right side as every person was in a room and doors to cafe are closed. Either way, it's between Dumbdog and dk for this in everyone's thoughts
    Dumbdog got voted off, and I do think it's wrong…

    Impostors won and I didn't sus xCrewbars once.

  10. This is the first time I've commented on an unlisted video. 😀

    Also, crew should probably have voted Janet out in the first meeting (yes, even on 9!).

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