That’s so creepy.
Going in for your medical checkup.
And having non-medical people just perv on you.
Someone is gonna get a complaint made against them for breaking the Hippocrates oath!

#VintageSteve #MorningLobby #AmongUs
Date: 12th January 2021
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By admin

21 thoughts on “Steve Traumatised After His Physical Checkup (S12E09)”
  1. sips: acts like an imposter while being an imposter

    also sips: it doesn't matter what i do i just get sussed all the goddamn time 🙄!

  2. Checking vitals and then immediately checking admin table right after is such a common play that I want to see impostors trap a crewmate there. That'll teach them to look for evidence! 😂

    Also, I love how Toast has been mega stressed out so many times in final 3. It's just a game! 🤣

  3. This game is a perfect example of why you should stay as far away from your imposter partner as possible. Sips saw 5up go into specimen and then walked to admin. While he was unlucky for being framed for a kill he didn’t do, he could have avoided it better.

  4. Oh man, Sips TOTALLY was trying to go for a double with 5up in labs and that's one of the reasons he looked sus, but he was rattled that Steve was right for the wrong reasons on that Hafu kill that he forgot.

  5. I think we've all been in the situation where, as impostor, we think we're acting really crew but the actual crew are like "no, your movement was really sus, AND you were near a body". Definitely feeling Sips's pain there, but he absolutely HAD to go.

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