What happens when mistakes are made?
But instead of taking personal responsibility, you look to offload the blame.
Well you have this game. But seeing as they got an impostor out early, surely it won’t come back to bite them right? And surely DumbDog, the big brain he is, will be able to solve it right?

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Stream Date: 17th January 2021
Season 17 Playlist:


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20 thoughts on “Steve Blames DumbDog. DumbDog Blames Steve. (S17E15)”
  1. And once again Thea makes it to the end. I understand letting a new player live for awhile, but it seems targeted at this point for easier wins. Just my thoughts after hearing 5up talk about killing Hafu early every game to make the game easier

  2. Maybe he did it on purpose knowing Thea wasn’t very experienced, but 5up’s run through specimen alone should’ve sussed him there in round 1. Not a good crew game

  3. Steve is 100 percent throwing in the first round. In Steve's eyes, DK should b hard cleared and Koji and Dumbdog should be cleared from Kimmy's kill.

    Steve also has vitals info. He checked vitals…saw one dead, left office because he saw Koji…and a different body was reported almost immediately after.

    Dammit Steve. Pay attention. Lml

  4. 7:53 Wolf, is your partner Koji?
    – if you were confirmed impostor and getting voted out, how would you answer?
    a) Lie and say – yes he’s my partner?
    b) or try to reverse reverse psychology and say “No he’s not my partner”?

  5. Steve planned the Koji seed in Dumbdog, but I am usually a bit Dumbdog sided.

    A bit odd that Dumbdog didn't check table and admin when he saw 5up passing knowing that DK just died.

  6. Everybody threw this game🤦🏿‍♂️🤣. First time that Dumbdog didn't check admin after a late kill. Thea was literally nowhere to be found in the end lol.

  7. DK literally said “let’s work vitals and admin table”, and Dumbdog walks right past admin table without checking like “where could DK be” 🤔 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

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