Steam Deck after 5 MONTHS: one major concern...

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00:00 Intro
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01:38 How has the hardware aged?
04:49 Software experience: much, much improved
09:57 Gaming performance: good, but I have concerns
14:04 Non Steam Games and Desktop mode
17:04 After 5 months? Still recommended?
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Well, I’m happy to report that it hasn’t aged, really.I did notice a bit more creaking when picking up the deck up, especially on the left side.

I can feel the plastic of the case “clicking” into place underneath the trigger. It’s not broken, but it definitely feels less solid than it once did.

Also, the Deck can get pretty dirty, pretty fast.

I spent most, if not all of my gaming time on the Steam Deck since I got it, I didn’t use my gaming PC, or my Xbox, for more than one or 2 hours each in total, over 5 months.

23 hours of Vampire survivors, 6 hours of Hades, 10 hours of Crash bandicoot, 13 hours of the Sinking City, 22 hours of Rise of the Tomb Raider, 7 hours of Horizon Zero Dawn, 15 hours of the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, 18 hours of God of War, 7 and a half hours of Warhammer Space marine, 5.5 hours of Lara Croft Go, 7 hours of firewatch, 5.4 hours of Hitman Go, and 6.4 hours of Portal 2, and a few more hours here and there in various titles I tested, games from the Heroic Games launcher, and more.

And in all that time, the Deck has gotten BETTER at playing these titles.

What has changed, is the size of the game library. Since I got it, the Deck has passed the 4400 titles certified mark, when it was only at around 1500 5 months ago. And a bunch of my games are already in that list. 37 out of my 203 titles are Verified, and 105 in total Playable and Verified, so slightly more than half my library. Only 44 are marked as unsupported.

Now, gaming performance is where I’m having some doubts about the staying power of the device as time moves on.

Don’t get me wrong, games run mostly really, really well. Out of all the games I played, 3 exhibited performance issues that made them hard to play in good conditions.

They’re Horizon Zero Dawn, The Sinking City, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

These are relatively graphics intensive games, for sure, and not very old, but they’re not from 2022, and the Deck is already struggling to play them. And of course, a few examples don’t make a general statement, but it does create a bit of concern. For games that will drop in 2 or 3 years, will the Deck be able to play them in acceptable conditions, with acceptable performance? I’m not convinced.

For indie titles, there are absolutely no issues whatsoever.

You could also use Bottles to install Origin, Ubisoft Connect, or even the Epic Games Store, but I don’t have any games on these other stores, apart from the Epic Games Store, so that’s the one I tried, and I mainly played Enter the Gungeon, and Abzu.

The experience of playing these games is just as good as playing any Steam game!

Now speaking about the desktop mode, it hasn’t really improved at all in the past 5 months. Apps that you installed through flathub still receive regular updates, but the base system has not. It’s still on plasma 5.23.5, when Plasma 5.25 is out and 5.26 is 3 months away.

Updates using Discover are also super unreliable, with discover crashing very often wile updating with various error messages.

44 thoughts on “Steam Deck after 5 MONTHS: one major concern…”
  1. With the impact that SteamDeck is having, there's a real chance that larger teams will make games optimised for the Steamdeck well into the future (2-5yrs at least). Many games will be out of reach, sure, but the deck and similar-spec handhelds that are launching this year will make a real and measurable impact to developer incomes if they're ignored.

  2. I wanna see what Minisfirum had managed to pull off on the Deck. It's custom hardware already, why not add a built-in card edge interface for it to slot into a dock and permit use of a GPU using the x16 lane? Then the dock would be just like one of those Thunderbolt docks but laying parallel to a table in a plastic case with extra storage, extra USB slots for MP and the capability to use a real, honest-to-goodness GPU with the iGPU acting as coprocessor for the CPU.

  3. Does you God of War suffer from graphical glitches?
    I get this weird pixelated border around characters when panning/left right, moving quickly in general.

    It's super distracting to the point I stopped playing it.

  4. At some point, I'm going to expect HoloISO to branch away/be forked into a version of SteamOS that keeps things more up to date than valve themselves. I know there is ChimeraOS but i figured HoloISO will do it first and better.

    One thing I'm personally wanting to see happen is considering most parts are available on a ifixit, i expect next gen steamdecks to be available as well, and thusly people will take 2nd gen and beyond parts to put them into 1st gen. Valve isnt offering the mobo, but there will be a 3rd party market for buying the parts of newer steam decks and the community will create their own support community and culture of building franken decks, which is already the case considering all the ssd mods and all the 3d printed accessories and stuff.

  5. The Steam Deck can handle Cyberpunk 2077 consistently above 30fps, literally one of the most graphically demanding games FAR FAR beyond the games you mentioned like Rise of the Tomb Raider or Horizon Zero Dawn lot of your concerns seem to be software and compatibility related. Something the Steam Deck is easily improving upon with every update. The "performance issues" you mentioned in games, seems more like Proton needing more focus on those titles, as both games run above 30 fps in your footage on this video, even the second game runs at 60 fps, it's clearly not a Steam Deck hardware issue. I'd argue to compare it running Windows to see if it really is a hardware limitation.
    About your comment on PC developers optimizing for the Steam Deck, several games have quickly included a "Steam Deck" preset like aforementioned Cyberpunk 2077. Huge developers are advertising DECK Verified releases like Final Fantasy 7 remake from Square-Enix, Marvel's Spiderman from Sony/Insomniac. The Deck hasn't been out that long and we're talking last gen games here performing better than they did on their original consoles in terms of fps.

  6. Horizon Zero Dawn is more like a 5 year old game since it was a ps4 exclusive on launch in 2017 and i consider the pc version to be a port, not a full remaster worthy of being called new in 2020.

  7. I bought the steam deck for path of exiles on the go. And it will run path of exiles 2 as well. Anything graphics demanding, I got my tower for that.

  8. The feral port of Tomb Raider remake is not very good. You'll probably get better performance forcing proton on rather then letting native trans layer with feral to work.
    The mirco-pauses if often a issue with shader compiling which still happens during gameplay regardless of how much pre-caching is done. (could be a Mesa driver thing)
    15:00 is it not a touch screen? use a touch pen (almost free)

    The Steam Deck 2 will likely use a 7600 or 7800U/G whatever APU which should have RDNA3 in it. Maybe that will be %50+ better performance.

  9. I just got the steam deck!! And while I think it's a brilliant device, if you gift it to a family member, then you need to know that the steam family program is hot garbage!!!

    The first thing is you can't transfer a game you bought to someone else's account. Your own child's, for example! Worse, if you're playing from the same shared library under the family plan, then the other person can only play for 5 minutes. If you're in a game. Even if you're not in the same game. Absolutely ridiculous!

    So be advised if you plan to gift the steam deck, The person you're giving it to needs to have their own account, and games purchased to that account. Otherwise the family program isn't worth shit

  10. Bonjour et bravo pour tes vidéos, elles sont toujours intéressantes et cela donne un point de vue extérieur et surtout d'utilisateur ce qui est bien plus important qu'un avis de vendeur. Si on résume l'expérience sur le steam deck, en fait c'est une bonne plateforme si l'on ne souhaite pas faire évoluer le matériel comme sur un pc gamer, mais cela reste une bonne petite machine pour ce qu'on lui demande.

  11. It might be an optimization issue with Valve's official support on the Proton API. GE version has better results for me even on PC. Monster Hunter World when I tested it in 2021 – Proton Official versions wouldn't even launch it on my GTX 1660Ti. In ProtonGE – launches successfully and smooth as butter (If you turn on DX12 in MHW).

  12. I stream my AAA games from my pc and with a good internet I can enjoy 60 fps games with maxed out settings with no noticeable delay. I was able to progress in Elden Ring while streaming and even beat bosses with a good reaction time. I work all day in front of my pc so when I play single player games (not competitive multiplayer games), its on my steam deck. I am even able to do raids and other party stuff in Final Fantasy XIV.
    (Sorry I am french canadian).

  13. Heu… The Linux experiment? Videos de review de la Steamdeck? Détails techniques bien évalués et pertinent au sujet des configs? Pourquoi je tombe sur ce channel aujourd'hui seulement? Considère moi un subscriber 4 life baby! "Non non mais, quand on est pas habitué, c'est drôlement impressionnant la magie." – Arthur.

  14. Honestly, this is all stuff I expected when I bought it but it's still a good video since not everyone knows this stuff. My only big disappointment is desktop mode. I'd like to see it supported more.

    I also agree that it's a major missed opportunity that so many desktop apps aren't really ready for mainstream yet, especially the ones that aren't even flatpaks yet.

  15. just dont drop anything heavy on the steam deck in a case a youtuber got his screen damave from just a light box item just watch out do not drop your steam deck in the case as well .please do not be ruth traviling wiht your steam deck in your case

  16. Put in my reservation for one early this morning — I’ve played very little PC games in my 34 years of life, so I hope I’ll enjoy this. I’m especially looking forward to the “System Shock 2” and “S.T.A.L.K.E.R” games
    — they’ve been on my wishlist for years.

  17. Any body else notice this guys showing his deck javing frame rate drops but when he shows his disk space it litterally is capped out on the device internal and his sd is basically empty hmm i wonder why his deck might be having troubles ?

  18. Should be pretty darn good for emulation as well. Many people don't emulate and I can't blame them, it's not exactly pick up and play way too often. Still, I'm getting the feeling more and more of us are emulating.

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