StarCraft 2 – DRG vs SERRAL! – ASUS ROG Fall 2021: Korea Server Qualifier


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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. It is the third and final installment of the StarCraft 2 expansion trilogy.


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  1. I felt like the level of play has dropped so significantly comparing to the 2016~ period to just before the break up. Serral used to be so, so good and destroyed players like DRG very easily in 2018 with significantly better macro and a GOAT's level micro. Now… he loses to shitters like DRG who is like… fkin 30 years old now imho even I can take out this guy 1 out of 100 times (Im fkin plat btw). He got fkin boomer macro, highschool level micro and I dont think this guy can even step up to giga-washed boomers like Neeb or Special…

    I just feel… sad tbh what has the game become? I know Serral got old and he is playing with 300 ping but come on man those plays are so, so slow even I could of made faster plays than that (and Im plat btw)

    Take a look at this series he played one year ago vs Zest. Legit one of the best I have ever seen and the level of play was almost as high as Rogue's dominating run in 2017 BUT now… Wtf even happened to the game? Why are these guys so, so shit??? Take a look at 23:34 if that was Serral legit just ONE year ago then all the mutas will be dead AND the hatch will survive. But now? He got the hatch dead due to slow heal and a few of his queens dead instead… Like seriously FKIN MICRO the queens you washed up noob ! Back in 2018 you were in contention for GOAT title but now even shitters like DRG are destroying you??? Like WHAT? Dude is 30 you do know that right? You dont lose to 30 years old boomers like come on man !

  2. I don't think it's hard to tell that the general play level has gotten way higher these days and Serral is pretty much one of the main responsibles for that. He made the game better by setting standards so high that everyone had to put a lot of extra effort just to catch up. Like, I watch Serral's 2018 games and nowadays he loses serieses which he plays way better than some of those he played and won that year. The last EU finals against Clem are a clear example; like, there was just no Terran at that level back in 2018, not even Maru (at least at TvZ, ofc Maru has also improved to an insane point that is better than Clem's in general but not in TvZ). He's surely, though, not that consistent anymore and he drops some fewer quality games here and there (or seasons, even, like EU DH summer), sure; while in 2018 he was regularly godly from beginning to end and THAT is the very trait that is so difficult to maintain; but when he's in the mood, he plays at the very highest level and yet it is clearly harder for him to win now than it was back then.

    These are literally the best SC2 times in history as ironic as it sounds; but I'm talking exclusively gamewise, of cuorse.

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