In this video I show you how to make Space Invaders with a super no-nonsense no extra fluff approach, in as little time as possible! You will have the basic logic to take this project to the next extra level with styling and other features of you wish.

The source code for this project can be found here:
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30 thoughts on “Space Invaders in JavaScript (no-nonsense version!)”
  1. why isnt this code working, to increase the speed of how fast the invaders come

    if(results === 5){

    InvadersId = setInterval(moveInvaders, 100)

    displayResdults.innerHTML = 'Level 2'



  2. Wow, Ania, so cool !! You are so clever to make this game in such a short time… I remember writing a similar "Space Invaders" game in QBasic (for MS-DOS) about 25 years ago… and it took me a whole day – but my aliens did other special things on more advanced levels, including random movements, and they also changed their shapes and colors !!! (also, I did spend some time creating nicer looking space ships and graphics)… 🙂 very impressive though… bravo, and keep it up… I am new to Javascript and MERN full-stack, so I will watch more of your tutorials… (I have always believed that the best way to learn a new programming language, is by making fun games! )

  3. Hello, I have a question, the constant squares, I declared it at the beginning of the program in line 0 and the browser (chrome) was not able to show me its content in the console. Only when it is declared near the function that uses it in the script. What is this about???

  4. I can't wait for the day i can just sit in front of my computer and write js like this like it's so easy, most days i think i will never be able to be this good

  5. I don't believe you made it in less than 1 hour. Either you did it before or did something close to this game or you just found a code snippet on the web…

  6. This was a great kata! Big enough to be non-trivial, but simplified enough to not be overwhelming! And it covered JS, HTML, CSS, DOM manipulation and events! These things are hard to do under pressure (timed and recorded). It looks like you had problems beginning around 18:00 which were due to the condition and falling through to the move logic. I think the ideal logic would have been: if ((rightEdge && direction == 1) || (leftEdge && direction == -1)) { moveInvaders(width); direction = -direction; } else { moveInvaders(direction); } This way there would not have been a need for "goingRight", "goingLeft" variables, and the extra +1 and -1, and the move down logic would not have fallen through to the move sideways logic. And now I can't wait to watch another video!

  7. I liked for female representation on programmer YouTube!! Hopefully if more girls and women see female developer youtubers, they'll be inspired to code more too!

  8. Mac keyboards sound like someone hammering on a desk, it's unpleasant to listen to and makes me think the typist must have sore fingers after a day of coding.
    People who don't use semi-colons in JS are evil.
    My other objections are also unrelated to the actual tutorial, PM me if you want to know my opinions about paint colours.

  9. Ania, Thank you for great the video. You've inspired me to take my very basic knowledge of Javascript and study to get fluent, as I see you are. Thank you.

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