Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Cloud Hosting | Types of Hosting

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I am a Digital Marketer by passion and a Developer by profession. With experience and expertise spanning around 10 years, in the Digital space.

Good amount of experience in development of web applications using PHP, .Net, JavaScript Library’s, Frameworks, CMS, API’s, Reporting tools and Payment Gateways. Skilled in digital viral marketing, technology innovation’s, brand building and all phases of the Web development lifecycle with an expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions and fanatical about quality, usability, security, and scalability. Dealing with and resolving problems and issues which arise.

21 thoughts on “Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Cloud Hosting | Types of Hosting”
  1. first of all very impressive video
    i am very much confused and my doubt is not clearable

    pls Help me ! M hostinger 10 year old customer

    What should i choose for my video streaming website (storage purchased from amazon bucket) and currenly my website is new its starting so traffic is in initial stage
    now suggest me
    Cloud starter (Shared) OR Cyberpanel VPS 2 ;

    One has 3GB RAM and One has only 2 GB and

    i dont need root access
    Remember : i am in love with hpanel …
    pls help me to make me understand
    (Is hostinger cloud equivalent to vps?)
    (also tell me about cyberpanel is it good for security purpose management or other or hpanel is perfect in all of them)

  2. Your better point is you discussed on only points, Didn't distracted, neat and clear content, well presentation. Content creators like you must appreciated for their valuable add on. Be with your own same

  3. Sir please make video on how to make a home server in detail
    Like how to make own server with ubuntu and Xampp.
    How to add ssl to your own created server please sir
    I am mechanical engineering students But Intrested in learning CSE ! By the way your videos are awesome 👍

  4. Sir hostinger ya godaddy se aws/digital Ocean jaise host ka kia diffence hai.
    2. Video contents site jise tiktok/ youtube jaise site konsi type ka host use karte hai?

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