Set Up a VPS so Your Helium Hotspot is Never Relayed Again

If you live in a building with shared internet, tethering a helium hotspot to cell service, or trying to have more than one helium hotspot in your house, you’ll more than likely find your miner is relayed. Solve the problem with a virtual private server (VPS) that has a static IP address and a Mango mini smart router to connect to it and port forward. Here is how!
Mini Smart Router Mango
ServerPoint VPS for $5 a month
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22 thoughts on “Set Up a VPS so Your Helium Hotspot is Never Relayed Again

  1. your videos are the best with explanation .. i didnt go crazy… but at the end ….my ports where closed with port checker…..RRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr smh lol bout to stomp this yellow thing …… col

  2. this is brutal to type in. we need a google docks share/link so we don't have to wait forever to get approved in that helium group

  3. Justin. You are a legend! Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been struggling for weeks with other guides that have not worked. This works perfectly! I have also messaged Ken and bought him a few coffees (:
    Keep up the excellent work (:

  4. Mate, thanks for ur video but I was able to open my port (portchecketker shows port is now open) but still my hotspot is relayed. Any other ideas?

  5. Excellent video and explanation, thanks a lot, a new subscriber here. One question Justin, what about the traffic on the VPS?, is there any issue to have in consideration?

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