Roboco Visiting HoloEN Server Through The New Portal With Amelia【Hololive Eng Sub】

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【Minecraft】初:sparkles:ホロEN鯖Go!Go!Go!!! With amelia:dog::two_hearts:【ホロライブ/ロボ子さん】
【MINECRAFT】EN Server Tour with Roboco-senpai!!!

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26 thoughts on “Roboco Visiting HoloEN Server Through The New Portal With Amelia【Hololive Eng Sub】

  1. Ame/Roboco collabs are always super cute, like there's definitely a language barrier but they work through it and tbh you can really see Roboco's English improving each time they meet
    (also i kinda like that while most of the EN girls just speak Japanese when they collab with JP, Roboco is actively pushing herself to improve herself by collabing with the one EN girl who can't speak any Japanese)

  2. Fuck language barriers, having fun is all that matters. Robocos English has become really good and props to Ame for steping up, this whole stream was pure sugar.

  3. Like a movie 😌
    On rain. Day I found my old friend
    Ame 🤝 roboco 😌😌
    Ame: we hello my old friend nice to see you again
    Roboco: yes nice to meet you again
    Ame : do you remember the war
    Roboco :I remember that war that was a good time
    (The war is apex 😀) number one victory royale😊

  4. its really a shame but I don't think Ame understood half of what Roboco was saying, because alot of things she just kind of glossed over and moved onto the next thing making the apropriate ohhh's and ahhh's. Shame, I still think they'd be good friends if they talked more and got used to how each other speaks, but hey everyone has their own life and I'm sure spending hours trying to be able to communicate with a coworker isn't #1 for either of them.

  5. You've made so many of these now, you'll be needing a playlist lol 12 JP members have been through the portal now (Aqua by accident still my fav). Rushia seems to be next up. Can't wait!

  6. Aww Roboco and Ame てぇてぇ, didn't expect them to be so adorable together
    Ame is sweet like candy and "peaceful" like the sound of rain, guess that's why she"s called Ame xD

    Best decision to merge EN and JP server 🙏
    I hope Rushia will get someone to guide her like this

  7. Ame is so sweet when she collabs with her JP senpais, she and Roboco are so wholesome the whole stream.
    I like her gremlin, toxic side as well as this sweet cinnamon roll part of her.

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