Raila Odinga lawyers react to server scrutiny, says IEBC refused to open their servers

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22 thoughts on “Raila Odinga lawyers react to server scrutiny, says IEBC refused to open their servers”
  1. This is like asking Safaricom to grant you access to their servers so that you can reconcile your Mpesa statement. Sounds interesting, but it is not practical. This is what PLO Lumumba described as a fishing expedition. Looking for incoherent excuses everywhere and introducing doubt in the minds of the people. Unless you show us that the physical forms that left by road(these are the official results) got changed, the rest is hot air. Have you found 1(one) physical Form 34A that is different from the one in the portal? No! Please cut us these Venezuelan, Donald-Trump like conspiracy theories.

  2. Where is it CS ministry in Kenya Joseph mucheru because he's cooking up a pot of what he can't eat himself. All the best to those manipulating the system for there's greed. God is still supreme in this matter.

  3. It seems President Uhuru is not going home as alleged by some… if these election is nullified, what then? If Chebukati, IEBC and the serves and process is untrustworthy, how then do we proceed? How long will it take for the country to get a just process? If one of the presidential candidate hired foreign criminals, should he be allowed to run a public office?
    This if proven right, is bigger than 20 elephants. We should then, not focus on getting a president but b4 then we should seek serious justice for our Motherland.

  4. I knew this load balancing for the servers will be a problem, because I’m sure they outsourced there servers Incase of excess load which were the 300 Mil accessing the IEBC portal

  5. Little surprise here but there are serious national security implications if elections can be manipulated and determined by foreigners that also refuse to comply with the Kenya judicial/constitution process. Who's pulling these strings and why?

  6. The problem with Kenya we are so entailed , if a company develop a server ,they give it to you to use as agreed not for us to scrutiny how it was developed and the logistics about it , for the sake of protecting their property .

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