In this video we learn the fundamentals of socket programming in theory and in Python.


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(0:00) Intro
(0:52) Client-Server Architecture
(10:58) Sockets Theory (TCP/UDP)
(20:40) Skype Example
(22:30) Coding The Server
(33:30) Coding The Client
(39:00) Outro

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22 thoughts on “Python Socket Programming Tutorial”
  1. Amazing channel I learn alot this guy is super love u bro n last but not least can u please make video on deep speech recognition and Text to speech for AI assistant sounds like human.

  2. Ich mache (bin noch am programmieren) Among Us in echt mit sockets zu machen. Der Client kann nur:
    – Verbinden
    – Senden
    – Empfangen und ausgeben

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