Prophet Passion Java’s Brother Speaks Out “’Im Struggling”

Prophet Passion Java’s Brother Speaks Out “’Im Struggling”

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29 thoughts on “Prophet Passion Java’s Brother Speaks Out “’Im Struggling”

  1. Work for your own money dear.. it’s not on our sisters or brothers to take care of us. You are very stupid. Inhema idzi ibva iweeeee. The story does not add up to me

  2. This guy is obviously a family burden and should never be entertained. Very soon you will regret even helping him. He even admits that he was given over 30k and squandered it. How does this whole man fail to raise even 250 rand for transport. Ndimi vanhu vanozoroya imi. It's not the job of your younger brother to return you to Zim

  3. Haa tseki your story doesn't add up. So wakamirira mari yekudzokera back to Zim. There's obviously more behind this story. Shanda uwane R500 udzokere kumba kwaMai vako.

  4. Ko unokanda video pa public nezvinhu zvisina basa izvo. Kuzeza nhamo here uku? Inga wakambomubatsira ari petrol attendant. Life goes around. Mari yake ichapera womubatsira futi. Pawatadza kukanda pa YouTube chete

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