Programming Languages People LOVE

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Here is a new video! I hope you enjoy it!

In typescript its not int age = 15; its let age : number = 15;

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By zyapguy

24 thoughts on “Programming Languages People LOVE”
  1. I love javascript because of its utterly insane components. Literally any javascript code can be refactored to completely remove the assignment operator.

  2. 5:05 it's not "int." You would write something like "var age: number = 15;" although nobody really uses var anymore in JS

    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, so all JS compiles (although you'll still get warnings for not being specific with your types)
    Also, it guesses types pretty well, so you usually don't have to take hours and tell the compiler every single variable's type, but only the stuff that's more complicated and it might not guess well.

    I don't know if this sounds mean or anything, but if it came off that way, I didn't mean it. I just really enjoy writing TypeScript and wanted to share how it works.

  3. WebAssembly lets you compile your code from any language to some kind of nearly binary code. And then it launches in the Web and compiles Just In Time, but because it is nearly binary, it compiles fast. So it was created to replace JavaScript, because it is not so compiled and takes ome time on hard tasks

  4. Linux user here, I used to write smol programs in C# and made Unity games on Linux and I didn't have many problems with C# or .NET. Following the instructions in MS' docs, it was relatively simple and compiling is basically as simple as running "dotnet build" in the project's root folder.

  5. I'm curious zyapguy, what are your thoughts on the Processing programming language? Since it wasn't on either list of languages people love or hate I want to see where it would fall as it's a language I've used since college back in 2013.

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