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Premium Linux Experience | Forward Thinking Linux Distro

A look at the soon to be released Fedora 36. Gnome is actually getting better, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Do we really want Linux to become the main desktop solution? Probably not, if it becomes really big one day, it will probably have lost a lot of the things we love about it in the process…

  2. Im running this (Fedora 36) on my MacBook pro 13 2012, it's so great, and the only distro that supports the wifi card properly. But it's butter smooth. I tried kde, but its not as nice on the laptop, and the swipe features are not as fluid to use.

  3. I have a an old low-end laptop and would like to give to an relative. The idea is to provide them with a Ubuntu based distro with 5 year support and windows-like look. Tried several ubuntu flavours, however the one that works the best is Lubuntu. Do you know another Ubuntu based distro with LXQT with 5 year support that can be installed rather than Lubuntu, as this one is only supported for 3, rather than 5 years?

  4. I used to HATE gnome with a passion but then I started using it more and the more I used it the more I was impressed how I was focused on getting work done efficiently. One issue I have had with Fedora was that simple scan would never open. I'd get a segmentation fault. I'll try and see if it happens with version 36. I don't want to spend time figuring how to fix it because it should never happen in the first place. This only happens with Fedora. Another great video Troy!!! 😊

  5. Awesome my brother! I’m new in the Linux OS and 2 days ago I install as default (full- no VM) Fedora 35 on my HP Laptop and I’m considering to do the same on my Alienware X17 R1. Thanks for your videos

  6. I'm currently on Arch but Fedora is my favorite distro, it's the best distro for new or advanced users. Silverblue seems like the future of Linux and desktop in general, can't wait for it to be matured a bit more and fully switch to it

  7. I totally agree with you. Fedora must be the new community flagship distribution, these guys really take care of the community feedback and everything is very professional, cutting edge software and a lot of software with official binaries. I love Arch so much because of the minimalist experience and having control of my system, the AUR and so on, but if you don't want to spend time maintaining the system and want the cutting edge software, Fedora is the best option. Gnome is fantastic, it's way different than traditional desktop experience but once you learn how to use it, no one matches it.

  8. I just don't get why people hate Gnome. It looks great and it's super polished. Libadwaita is good too. It makes me not want to use themes, because the defaults are so good.

    Gnome doing a different thing doesn't mean it's inherently wrong, it's just different.

  9. I installed GNOME one year ago side by side with kde neon, just to try something different. But after some time I started using GNOME more and more, until without realizing it, it became my default DE. When you set up your online account, all the applications that are connected to it acquire the data with one click. Contacts, email etc. the applications are simple to use and well integrated with each other. And finally, as a musician, I have many audio files to choose and edit. Previewing audio files just by pressing the space bar in the file manager is a priceless feature.

  10. Well, if it's worth anything– I AGREE WITH YOU– choice is GREAT.. and when a newbie looks at it sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming- but a little time and playing around wtih it- and it WORKS…. and I think LINUX WILL be dominant– the $$$$$ system is ruining everything else.. (all govt backed through Google, Microsoft and Mozilla).. and NO ONE can tell me those turds ain't taking KICK-BACKS.. I'm still on TITAN.. I did try to get the new storm and when it installed- it came up to a box for my password and kept telling me my password was INCORRECT– which is BS…. totally- finally just got rid of the iso and went back to TITAN.. I love it anyway.. 🙂 I now have a "bank" of Debian software to depend on— TITAN, MX, AMAROK, and LMDE 5!!!! Those will do me JUST FINE 🙂 (I don't have good luck with arch at all– I think ti's my crappy download service here..)

  11. I agree with you there: fedora is shaping up to be a proper replacement to ubuntu users that refuse to adopt snaps and all the garbage canonical is forcefully pushing. Gnome 42, is GOOD. i never thought i'd say that and with fedora's easy flatpak integration, it's just fantastic. Plus, they made it really easy to activate non-free repositories.

    But i'm worried they will also lose they way someday.

  12. I will agree. From myself I will add that for me it is Debian or Linux Mint in the LMDE version, and Fedora works best.. Debian / LMDE = stability, security. Fedora = better support for new hardware, newer software and perfect for gaming :D. Another distro that is also underrated is OpenSuse. I tried to use it once worked, but I preferred Debian, Fedora. And it was these distributions that worked for me personally. Ps. Sorry for my English, it is not my native language.

  13. I use Qtile wm on vanilla Arch, but I have a lot of VMs via KVM/Qemu using Virt Manager, got VirtualBox as well, and on these machines I’ve found that I really like the minimalist feel of Gnome as much as KDE and Cinnamon are heavily customizable. Gnome just feels like it would be enough if I was a full DE user.

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