Predictive Programming, Occult Conditioning (Metaverse Symbolism & London Olympics '12)

How predictive programming and occult symbolism is being used to precondition the masses for the acceptance of a dystopian future?
Intro: 00:00
Hyperinflation & learning self-sufficiency: 01:54
Predictive programming of the population, mind control, occult conditioning & symbolism: 05:24
The importance of agreeance & permission: 09:57
Predictive programming in entertainment: 13:36
Main reasons of predictive programming: 15:34
London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony occult symbolism: 17:21
Metaverse commercial occult symbolism: 29:06

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Disclaimer: This video is not to be construed as professional advice. The messages may not align with everyone’s belief system and values, so please remember to always use your free will and discernment, take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

8 thoughts on “Predictive Programming, Occult Conditioning (Metaverse Symbolism & London Olympics '12)”
  1. That is something I have been intuitively picking up on for a long while, I completely stopped watching any TV shows and films, especially popular blockbusters. Not that every movie out there is bad, but it is an hour of your life spent submerged in somebody else's vision, more often than not mediocre at best

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