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30 thoughts on “OVH.COM : How our servers come to be”
  1. worst company i ever worked with — scammed me and refused to close our accounts even after over a dozen tries. Kept trying to charge us. Plus, they are blacklisted — their entire server is blacklisted from allowing spammers. So your emails etc won't even reliably go through. If you use them, your IP addresses and domains will get blacklisted quickly too. They will ruin your marketing business.

    Thiefs and cheats. Avoid at all costs. So many better server providers are out there. Plus their website is incredibly slow and cumbersome to use.

  2. Don't use them — for starters, they are blacklisted by UCEPROTECTL3 — so your emails won't send reliably. Even if you have clean IP addresses and domains, the whole OVH system is blacklisted by UCEPROTECTL3 — and they do nothing to resolve this. Google forums and you'll see it's true.

    Also, they're website is very annoying to use. It has a double factor authentication default setting, which pops up constantly when you're in your account — basically making using the account impossible. You will constantly get prompted to do 2 factor authentication, and you'll have to click back button, and reload pages multiple times every single time you try click on any page in your account with them. It's truly enough to make you insane. Stupidest user interface I've ever used on any server platform by far. It should be optional, instead the prompt comes up endlessly constantly and never allows you to just use the system.

    Lastly, when you try to close an account, they won't do it for you right away. I tried to close my VPS with them — it simply showed as pending. I tried to delete my IP addresses following the full protocol they outlined for me — did it multiple times — and they keep telling me "sorry it didn't work, please try again" — basically not allowing me to close my account with them.

    So the only choice you'll have is to deactivate your credit card so they don't keep charging you.

    Strongly recommend no one use these guys.

  3. I notice that the technicians don't use anti-static measures, which goes against what I have always been taught and practised. Is it now deemed un-necessary with modern components?
    Also, do you ever have any problems with liquid cooling leaks? D you use water or a non-conductive coolant?

  4. The office and building looked so pretty.. But then fire had to come and ruin it all.. It's so sad that fire can make a great impact on building and completely transform the appearance. I hope everyone is safe and I pray everyday. :'(

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