New Roles in Every Round in Among Us (Random)

Today @Sigils @SSundee and the gang play Random Roles in modded Among Us
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❗ About Among Us
Among Us is a Murder Mystery type game that original debuted on Mobile but can now be played on PC through Steam, Here you will find wins, funny moments, mods, and custom game modes.

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New Roles in Every Round in Among Us (Random)


By Sigils

27 thoughts on “New Roles in Every Round in Among Us (Random)”
  1. Among Us Mod Idea:
    Maybe it would be a great idea to have a mod that changes your role after every meeting. Maybe it interacts with this mod and it can change to any role in the mod (no matter if the role was previously used). The only thing is that there will always be a certain amount of crewmates, neutrals, and impostors at all times. This means that it is a race to win before a meeting is called.

    This would be an incredible mod and would allow for various videos on the same mod

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