New Role in Among us | Better than Imposter ???

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By MortaL

36 thoughts on “New Role in Among us | Better than Imposter ???”
  1. Mortal once again m coming to suggest u..Take heven is ur personal room spend some 10 15 lacks in that room and ur set up shoud be there …don't worry abt goldy bhai and thug they are manager and family man and u the boss of every one don't forget.. Ur fan want that…u the pillar of s8ul people see u and want to see ur levies life its time to show mortal is king…and as soon as possible all bunk bed are remove in s8ul gaming house…its look like hostel …big house but its hostel so we don't want that…my english is not that gd so forget if any mistake…and more to tell u but its already big paragraph so next time tell u

  2. i call my girlfriend last night and told her, "I miss you honey" And her mother replied "Honey is sleeping, you are talking with the BEE

  3. Mortal i am your big fan pls play super sus this game is amoung us 3D version And to many modes in this game like prop hunt and 50+ roles for impo and crew all pepole are pls like this comment to mortal see my comment and mortal you saw my comment you give me heart pls 🤗

  4. Can someone tell me the name of outro song 🎵🎵.. Please.. I'm just try to find this song.. If someone got the name of this song.. Plzz tell me the name 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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