War Robots Test Server Gameplay of a new robot called Harpy. Harpy has some characteristics similar to the Phantom in that it uses a Translocator, it flies/hovers (but can’t move when in this state) with a Reflector shield and it’s Firestorm ability is similar to the Stove ability of the Kid. I could definitely see this robot being a possible counter to Fafnirs as that Reflector Shield is key in dealing with Fafnirs but also when in this mode it can fire both the Heavy and Medium weapons. As for the counter to Orochis, the Firestorm ability has a damage radius so even if an Orochi was in stealth, it wouldn’t matter as stealth at this point wouldn’t save it. This is the first round of testing Harpy on the Test Server so expect incremental changes to happen in the coming weeks | WR

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Video Chapters
0:00 Intro
0:15 Harpy Specs
1:50 Harpy Gameplay #1
7:32 Harpy Gameplay #2

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29 thoughts on “New HARPY Robot Counters Fafnir + Orochis? War Robots Test Server Gameplay WR”
  1. Initial thoughts – So far Harpy seems pretty balanced. It does however have characteristics which suggests it could be a counter to both Fafnir and Orochis. Firstly the Reflector Shield while in flight and the ability to fire ALL weapons while in this mode might pose a problem for Fafnir players. Keep in mind if things get bad, it could always blink back as it functions similar to the Phantom. Secondly the Firestorm ability I can see being a counter to Orochis as it has a damage radius similar to that of the Kid’s Stove ability or the Cinder weapon. For the players asking for a nerf to both Fafnir and Orochi, I would be careful when it comes to asking for such nerfs as you might need those bots to counter Harpy when it is released on the live server. So far the only bot that really posed much of a problem to me was the Typhon and it’s blackout ability which means Cerberus, Typhon and Erebus might come into play. Just remember this is the FIRST round of testing so things will most likely change in the coming weeks.

  2. Hi Adrian, I need some help, I would like to know what equipment build allows you to bypass stealth mode by shooting the enemy at 600 meters? What in-game item allows this? I'm in the Specialist League and I see that both this effect of ignoring stealth and the application of Lock-down from a distance is very common!!!

  3. The ability deal so much area effect.. i can imagine players using 4 to 5 of this on battle..pretty much nowhere is safe..even behind cover..first that mothership almost took out my entire ho now this huge area effect…they need to reduce the area damage same as incinerator

  4. hi adrian i am biulding a scorpion and typhon and i have 2 tarans and i currently equipped them in my griffen . should i equip the tarrans in the typhon and have two other weopons or have it in the scorpion. oh i and i forgot i am getting 100 fenrir components from my clan tasks everyday and i dont know if fenrirs have 2 light slots or 2 medium slots it defenetly has 1 heavy slot so maybe should i put the tarans in the fenrir .

  5. Honestly I see the game getting pretty lame. Things been bad with the meta storm that hit. Doesn’t seem over powered to badly but playing on a map covered in fire storms don’t seem fun.

  6. The given reason for the visible tier system ( the tier system has already been in place ) is to make it clear why certain weapons and bots are easily outmatched by others. For example devestator is meant to be far better than thunder.

  7. Great another bot that hits you even though your behind cover I'm really tired of these kinds of abilities for example the shell can hit you through cover the orochi hits you behind cover and then air strikes and the new cinder weapon c'mon pixo why even have structures on the map anymore it's pointless ? and the name kinda sounds like herpes ?

  8. My thoughts about a tier matchmaking system :
    Even though it sounds good, but it’s extremely easy to exploit, a seal clubber can just use 1 mk3 skadi fafnir or any META bots with 4 level 4 Cossack in the hanger, if they really wanna do that tier matchmaking, they have to make sure, there isn’t any exploit possible

  9. またへっぽこ運営が変なの出して来ました??ゲームシステムは優良だが運営がアタマ悪い典型例。

  10. Adrian, I played a game with a typhon with scorchers and igniters seems effective pair of long rang and pair of close range what you think please make a video?.Thanks

  11. Believe it or not,I actually really liked the trebuchet/ballista and Gauss/weber builds(I actually fought off 6 enemies with the Gauss/weber(it was a game that 3 of my teammates dropped out for no reason) in that game I got almost 4 million dmg with a 600m+ range hanger

  12. Believe it or not,I actually really liked the trebuchet/ballista and Gauss/weber builds(I actually fought off 6 enemies with the Gauss/weber(it was a game that 3 of my teammates dropped out for no reason) in that game I got almost 4 million dmg with a 600m+ range hanger

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