Steve, despite having the child Ellum in the same room as him, still manages to be a cracked detective and crack the case. Or maybe everyone else sorta does and he tags along… either way, great to see Among Us is back on the menu!

Date: 29th June 2022

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40 thoughts on “*NEW* Don't You Dare Hard Clear Steve!”
  1. I loved when Kimi told DumbDog that he big braining for a YouTube video, and DumbDog said he doesn’t make YouTube videos anymore because he’s too lazy. Then Steve said he doesn’t as well and Kimi said they should, Steve said he would start. DumbDog said, “Steve!! Think about the Reuploaders! You’d put them out of a job!” Meanwhile AmongUsAcademy is displayed on Steve’s channel as top donator! Classic!! 🤣😂

  2. tho it's great to see diff pov's it's painful to watch kimi's, man's doing asmr on stream and my ears just arent up for it I'm sorry

  3. It's going to look like i'm saying this because of the way things went down in the game, but I swear I was thinking it before it all happened lol.
    Anyways, but I think the best sab to do after killing in specimen would be comms, because it disables everything so no one can see cams and admin table, but also because it throws everyone really far off because nobody really does any other sab besides lights.

  4. Kimi did all of the viewers a favor by taking out Janet. That picture is nightmare fuel!

    Also, I feel bad that DK (sort of) lost his favorite hat because I really liked it.

  5. i love the editing of Steve saying "i definitely just said 'cleared dick'" on someone's stream and cut to Kimi's stream where he said "cleared dick" lmao

  6. Ok What the heck is that thing Janet uses instead of her face ?

    Also Kimi REALLY played wrong there. Dk somehow did not get that much sus despite the very clear possibility of a self report round 1 and then Poki sussed Hafu who was the OTHER suspect of the first round kill. If Hafu stayed alive they could have got her voted out

  7. wow dumbdog says this died just a second ago and no one even thinks it's a clear self report same thing with kimi also, watch one old vid and then watch this new vid and you go like wow they are all just stupid now xDD and that classic kimi see kimi kill on hafu lmao and then she just stays there like an idiot if 5up had actually tried to look for ody she'd still just stay there

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