*NEW* DOLL to POPPY PLAYTIME ROLE in Among Us?! (Scary Mod)

Today @Zud is joined along with SSundee, Henwy, Sigils and Biffle to play with the NEW POPPY PLAYTIME ROLE in Among Us! Watch me and the gang play this scary mod, and make sure to watch the entire game to see how I play in this POPPY IMPOSTER ROLE in Among Us!

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37 thoughts on “*NEW* DOLL to POPPY PLAYTIME ROLE in Among Us?! (Scary Mod)

  1. evil illusionist mod

    crewmates have to escape the skeld which is filled with stones planted into the ground. they have to avoid tripping over the stones, avoid the imposter who is a very powerful illusionist and escape the skeld to earth. every crewmate starts off with 200 hp and everytime they trip over a stone, they lose 10 hp.

    he can

    multiply the screeens of any crewmate and make them see 9 of themself

    blur any crewmate's vision

    cause them to hallucinate and think they are in an random map when they are actually in the skeld. POVs from outside the illusion the player looks like an idiot who is running into walls

    cause the crewmate to see the entire map backwards

    spin the map to confure crewmates

    cause any crewmate to fall asleep and lock them into any nightmare horror map in which if no one helps him/her wake up, they die in their sleep. the horror maps are The Backrooms, Slenderman's Forest and Infinite Ikea.
    make an illusion of any crewmate and select only 1 crewmate to see the illusion while remaining invisible to others
    plus to make it hilariously annoying, every ability can be stacked. they will experience the illusions simultaneously.

    I hope zud notices this and replies. i will be very delighted

  2. Make a musician mod

    keyboardist: can summon a keyboard trap if someone steps on it they die but it has a 50 sec cooldown

    Drummer plays loud sound to stun crew and makes bar go up .

    And then will be a stick throw which will make the drummer to throw stick on someone to make thier song meter go up .

    But you can put more stuff if you want and crew will have a machine that will give them a treatment to make bar go down

    For guitarist makes sound waves and crew will have jump button to jump it will have 5 waves

    and can make a battle between crew the crew will have to play the green on guitar and who gets three hits first wins and other dies

    And then singer he can sing to fill thier song meter

    and make minigame you have to dodge music notes who dodge most wins and picks who dies

    andВ  he can throw mic and pull someone to him

    and can send a crewmate to concert ( secret room ) and whoever goes there will have to run and dodge a musician screaming and if they get hit 3 times before timer ( which will be 40 sec )they will get song meter up

    Plz hit the like button

  3. Make a mod games mod

    among us : can turn into imposter but can use 4 abilities at once 1st open mouth and kill with tongue 2nd kill can shoot gun anywhere on the map 3rd kill shoot lasers and last make 1 more task for a random crewmate

    Minecraft: you can turn into herobrine and mind controll someone and can kill with a diamond sword and last a if you use this ability a creeper will follow a random crewmate who you pick and they have 30 sec to do a task if the don't creeper explodes

    Golf with friends: can throw a golf ball at someone to kill and stuns someone near the person who dies has a minigame you have to the ball in the hole last one to do it dies

    Poppy playtime: just take whatever you made in mod

  4. Exodia mod. Gather the 5 pieces on the map.

    Imposter- can grab people with chains.
    Send Blue Eyes White Dragons after you.
    Energy Balls

    Crewmates- have the Weavil Grab. Take 2 pieces of Exodia, and can scatter them across the map. Must have two, and a Weavil's face icon appears. If you have one. If the imposter kills you, piece reappears in the spot you took it from.

  5. – Idea for a mod: Plz make a mod called the miner mod.

    – The imposter can turn into the miner called transform.

    – The miner can put coal on himself to go invisible called go invisible.

    – The miner can send angry miners after someone called miners rage.

    – The miner can make it rain coal making a random person not including the imposter turn into coal called coal transform.

    – The miner start a mini game where you have to mine coal, iron, gold, diamonds emeralds, and amethyst, coal = 1 points, iron = 5 points, gold = 10 points, diamonds = 25 points, emeralds = 50 points and amethyst gives you 75 points and there is 25 cole, 15 iron, 10 gold, 5 diamonds and 3 emeralds and whoever has the least amount of points dies in coal, iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds and amethyst called the mine.

    – The miner can make a wall of coal that can be broken with a pick axe that will respawn on the map every minute and when someone picks it up it respawns if you don’t have a pick axe you can wait a minute for it to disappear called coal wall.

    – And for each move needs points and to get points you need to mine in a diamond mine and there are 3 diamond mines and they spawn randomly on the map and for every second you mine in the diamond mine you get 5 points and the max points is 100, Cole wall takes 1 point, invisible takes 25 points, miner’s rage takes 24 points, the mine takes 50 points and finally mine takes 0 points since you need to use mine to mine in the diamond mine and don’t forget to turn the map into a mine.

    Map: polis

  6. do you know how many times I have commented this

    Mod Idea: Tech imposter role

    They can put VR goggles on crewmates to mess up their controls

    They can force crewmates to watch a TV that will explode unless someone has a remote to save them

    They can pixelate them or crewmates anywhere around the map

    They can start a mini game where you have to repair a broken controller and the last person to finish gets a chip planted in them that will kill them after 5 seconds

    and there can be computers around the map for the impostor to hack to get points to use their powers


  7. Hi Zud!
    I suggest an Eevee Mod:
    – Eevee: speed boost
    Vaporeon: pushes people across the map with a wave/drowns people with a wave
    – Jolteon: can shoot someone with a lightning bolt to stun/kill from across the map
    – Flareon: leaves heat traps that make it so you get teleported to a random spot on the map (to get away from the heat)/burns someone to ashes
    – Espeon: 50/50 chance to auto-complete a task every 60 seconds/mind control
    – Umbreon: makes it dark so one person/everyone can’t see
    – Glaceon: freezes one person/everyone in place
    – Leafeon: leaves vine traps that slow people down
    – Sylveon: 50/50 chance of getting hit with Dazzling Gleam which jacks up controls/kills
    – A “Match the Eeveelution” minigame. Eeveelutions are hidden in a 4 by 4 square. 1 pair of each Eeveelution (2 Jolteons, 2 Umbreons, etc.). First to 3 matches wins, loser dies.
    Everyone can transform into whatever Eeveelution they want, all have abilities, but the Impostor has abilities that kill.
    Feel free to change as needed for the mod. This is an idea, it can be improved upon.

  8. Hi Zud!
    I would like to suggest a mod of Sans from Undertale as an Impostor Role
    – he can take shortcuts (teleport)
    – he can kill from across the map by throwing bones
    – he can make everyone take a break (sleep) or he can make everyone laugh by telling puns
    – he can mess with people’s controls with blue magic
    – he has a 50/50 chance of killing someone by “judging” them
    – he can choose a person to surround in blue bones so they can’t move
    – he can disintegrate people with Gaster blasters
    – he has a minigame where you have to dodge bone projectile patterns (dodge white bones, don’t move with cyan ones). First person in the minigame to get hit 3 times dies.
    Feel free to change as needed for the mod. This is an idea, it can be improved upon.

  9. Do never promise anything because if you break that promise you will go to hell in the world is basically a stand of the world I learned this in my tire life I know it’s my entire life so it doesn’t actually make date for me so there for me but you should go to what are you because you broke a promise

  10. 1. Mod Idea: The Bedtime Mod.
    New Map: Polus Bedroom

    Below the task bar each crewmate has a sleepy bar which calculates how sleepy they are currently. The sleepier a crewmate gets, the slower they move. Their primary goals are to complete all of there tasks, and to stay awake and escape to the living room. Which they can do by:

    – Drinking Coffee
    – Running around the map
    -Splashing themselves in the face with water
    -Slapping themselves in the face.

    While the imposter is a weird creature known as a Bed Bug. Their job is to make sure the crewmates fall asleep forever. And they can do that by:

    -Giving them warm milk to drink.
    -Placing a music box that plays a lullaby to the crewmate.
    -Reading a book to them.
    -Tucking them into bed: in which the crewmates can save them from by untucking them.
    -Giving them a massage to relax them.
    And he can even host a make the bed mini game where the loser gets crushed by a giant bed falling from the sky.

    2. Mod Idea: Castaways Mod
    New Map: Deserted Island Polus

    The crewmates are stranded on a deserted Island. The only way for them to escape the island is to build a raft and complete their tasks. As they do tasks they have to go around the map and collect lumber they can use to build it. Seems simple right, well it's not. Because the imposer has spent a little too much time on the island. They have officially gone savage. The job of the savage imposter is to make sure that no one gets off the island, to kill them all, and to convert the crewmates to pure savagery, which they can do by:

    -Using their well crafted knife to slice the throats of the crewmates like you would a pig you find on a deserted Island.
    -Putting crewmates into a campfire and burning them to death. The other crewmates can save them from by putting the fire out with a bucket of water that appears around the map.
    -Drop boulders on the crewmates and crush them.
    -Pick them up and carry them to the water. Once they get to the water, they can throw the crewmates into it which brings out a shark to come and eat them.
    -He can cover himself in sand to go invisible.
    There is also a minigame where everyone has to build a sand castle and the first one to finish gets to pick someone to get permanently buried in the sand.

    I hope you like these ideas, I put two in the same comment because I had some great ideas and didn't want to lose them.
    Have fun. 🙂

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