NEW Among Us KUNG FU PANDA ROLE?! (Funny Mod)

Today @Zud plays with the NEW KUNG FU PANDA ROLE in Among Us! Watch me and the gang play this Among Us mod, and make sure to watch until my Imposter round to see how I play as the KUNG FU PANDA ROLE!

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46 thoughts on “NEW Among Us KUNG FU PANDA ROLE?! (Funny Mod)

  1. Do an Uber mod where the impostor can deliver food to people and make them fat which makes them move slower , also drive people out the map ,break the car window which leaves glass on the floor and makes people bleed and then die after 15 seconds but the impostor can only do this 4 times he can also block people from voting with his oil he can do that once every meeting also the impostor can park his car anywhere to block a passage for 15 seconds.
    The crew mates can either finish all tasks or find out who the killer is.

  2. Roblox mod: every body is roblox character,The imposter has weapons,rocket launcher, go invisible with potion,drink hot sauce and breath fire its going to take 5 second for them to die,fly throw wall with rainbow magic carpet, when ever some one dies the head the arm's and the legs fall apart from torso,for the basic kill animation the imposter will take out a sword slice of the head arm's and legs from the torso,can the map be mira HQ,when they die they make an oof sound.

  3. Mod idea

    Alien role

    Can fly a ufo
    Can suck up crewmates with ufo
    Can jumpscare which stuns for 5 seconds
    Can go invisible
    And teleport crewmates to Saturn which the crewmates who go there stay there until killed
    And finally he can infect one crewmates that becomes there teamate they are slow and have a 60 second kill countdown and if they touch another crewmate then they die

  4. Alligator mod:

    Bite – get close enough to a crewmate to bite him. Body can be reported. Cooldown is 45 seconds.

    Tail smash – smashes tail against the ground stunning crewmates nearby. Cool down is 60 seconds.

    Spike ball – rolls up into a spike ball and goes one speed faster than the crewmates, kill any crewmate that you touch. Cooldown is 120 seconds.

    The imposter can switch from Alligator too Imposter.

    Never stop making Videos, Zud! Your amazing.

  5. Do a sisumatu mod . They can turn into sisu and make it rain in a spot so people will move very slowly when they walk in it. They can go invisible with blinding light and they can shapeshift into someone. And finally they can go through walls because of swimming in streams

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