Navy Vet REACTS to CPAC Hosting a Literal Dictator in most Fascist Event Yet

Far-Right Republicans held one of the most Bizarre CPAC events yet this weekend, including imprisoned January 6th rioters displays and speeches from the world’s straight up authoritarians. Meidas Contributor and Navy Veteran Ken Harbaugh reacts.

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23 thoughts on “Navy Vet REACTS to CPAC Hosting a Literal Dictator in most Fascist Event Yet”
  1. Indeed Ken.
    Besides them bringing in a Known Authoritarian, Autocratic, Fascist, Dictator Wannabe like Orban to be their Keynote Speaker?
    What he, and they, said Is Indeed Straight out of the "National Socialism" Playbook.
    Which, in its entirety, is "The German Nationalist Socialist Workers Party".
    Those two words are what constitutes the English Translation of "Nazi".
    Which is also what the Majority of the once "Grand Old Party" of Lincoln have become.
    Neo Nazis.

    Fascism (noun):
    An Authoritarian Nationalistic Right Wing form of Government and Social Order.

    And if that Literal Definition doesn't fit the Majority of Today's Republicans to a T?
    I don't know what does.

  2. We watched republicans create this Nazi mob party starting in 1968 with Nixon’s southern strategy…. Stoke fear, hate, racism, antisemitism , homophobia nativism …. and the army of brainwashed trump-boobs is the result. They created this .

  3. Are you really proud of your votes now republican voters???!!! This party is trying to turn the country into NAZI GERMANY and has no problem with Destroying our country to get there!!! I dont even believe that man in the cage was one of the real arrested criminals from the insurrection!! Knowing MTG I'm sure he's an actor!!!

  4. No Margie most people aren't Christian nationalist. As a matter of fact Christian's. The real Christian's the people who don't think anyone should weaponized religion and use it to divide those who don't agree with them. Also the pastors of teach the bible to there congregation. Have come out and said. She dances with the devil. They are not Christian nationalist nor do they want to be. Wolves in Shep's clothing. False prophets. Stop using religion to try to spread your hate.

  5. The GQP cult needs to be stopped…and the only way to do so is vote them out of office….and than go after them with all legal means available.

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