Multipoint Server 2012 Virtual Desktops demo

MultiPoint Server 2012 adds running multiple full Windows 8 or Windows 7 Enterprise instances on the same computer. Great for that old software program you really need, but that won’t run on Windows Server or for multiple users. More info at

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  1. I'm interested in how we can implement PHP webapps in the localhost to deliver materials to all users in the network. Is it possible to use the terminal server station to run an apache server? Please direct me to help materials.

  2. 1. How can we find zero clients that support RemoteFX (RDP 8.0) – It's like finding a needle in a haystack.
    2. What kind of clients will connect to the Remote Desktop (VDI), zero clients? thin clients? RDP clients from PC/Mac

  3. I have a WMS 2012 with 15 old pc in LAN-based RDP clients and it works well how session (station).
    I have created the Virtual Desktop template right (Win764-t) but when I try to create the Virtual Desktop Station, WMS creates only one station (Win764-1).
    How I can create 15 Virtual Desktop Station? Thanks.

  4. You are correct in that typically when you install a program like office on WMS it is available for all users on the server. Some programs however have compatibility issues and are not written to allow multiple instances of them to be running in a Remote Desktop Session that WMS uses. By using Virtual Machines with WMS, it will appear that the program is running in its own single instance of the OS which usually will address any compatibility problem.

  5. Hi there again, will this be helpful if I have some software that can allows to be executed once? If I understood this correctly this new feature will create a "copy" of Windows for each of my virtual users under WMPS 2012 thus giving them the opportunity to use an instance of this software?

  6. Can you provide an example of a software that requires it's own operating system? I thought any software you install on MultiPoint server (like MS Office) would be available for all users by default. I just can't think of a scenario where I need to create a virtual desktop.

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