This fast-paced, dynamic playlist is designed for those in need of an extra push. Whether it is a deadline you are facing or want to finish a long-delayed project or even do some chores around the house, featured future garage tracks have just enough energy to carry you through your grind and give you that performance boost. Upbeat, deep, and atmospheric, this mix is perfect for getting back into the workflow. Ideal for coders, programmers, hackers, traders, designers, and all those working in front of a computer screen. Stay motivated, inspired, and productive with our latest selection.
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Future Garage, Garage
Mood: Night, Dark, Energy, Cyber
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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? Tracklist
в–є 00:00 Eonika – Glow
в–є 02:32 Twisted Psykie – Agony
в–є 07:32 Abrigo De Pelos – 1993 (Jayeem Remix)
в–є 11:19 Ecepta, Azaleh – Immersion
в–є 14:46 Lazarus Moment – Wistful Wastes
в–є 19:50 Almost Vanished – Altitude
в–є 22:45 Azaleh – What Still Remains
в–є 26:35 Forget – Subway Thoughts
в–є 30:48 4lienetic – If Only
в–є 34:29 Fermi – Lucid Flow
в–є 37:15 Shakes – My Heart
в–є 40:31 Ecepta – Eternity
в–є 44:16 Alone – Blur
в–є 49:53 Mazen – Isolation
в–є 53:14 Nani Kha – Quiet Room
в–є 57:04 Code Of Kassilid – Black Whisper
в–є 59:53 Silhouette – Silhouettes
в–є 1:03:21 Moon – Fall In Love
в–є 1:06:31 Saypex – Infinity

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