Mini Crewmate Kills CUPHEAD Characters – Part 2 | Among Us



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  1. Alternative way crewmate could kill:
    0:04 Take out a big hammer and hit potato into the ground
    0:10 First cut the onion with a knife to make the carrot cry and then summon a big rabbit to eat the carrot
    0:12 1.Push hilda so she would fall off
    0:14 2.Use the needle to explode hilda
    0:16 Make stars into a gun form and 0:20 shoot hilda
    0:24 1.Set the smoking pipe on fire
    0:27 2.Use Djimmi like a balloon and make a balloon dog out of him 😀
    0:30 Push wally into his uhh flying house and then block it with wood planks so he would fall also how is crewmate flying?
    0:37 Grab that barrel thing and drop it on Captain Bryineybeard or put it into the ship mouth so it would explode
    0:45 1.Turn mugman upside down or drink from his uhh head ._.
    0:46 2.Put a bomb under that fire coming out of his finger so it would explode and kill him

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