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Minecraft Tutorial - Custom Server Icons ! ! !

Minecraft Tutorial – Custom Server Icons ! ! !

In 1.7 we’re now able to have custom server icons to add a little bit of personality to them, in this tutorial I show you how to make and implement your own server icon.

Image Editing Software:

How to save a PNG with GIMP:

Image Size: 64×64 pixels
Transparency is allowed in the image.
Must be called server-icon
Must be a PNG file format.

Reorganize Server List:

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Q: What do you use to record/edit?
A: All software is listed on my channels about page.

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23 thoughts on “Minecraft Tutorial – Custom Server Icons ! ! !

  1. i did get annoyed with Minecraft screaming at me "Must be 64 pixels wide" which i used GIMP and scaled it perfectly… but NOPE…. eventually it did work but because i used a different image :/

  2. Guy! here is a note for those who had problems (like me). If naming your PNG Icon as server-icon.png doesn't work then rename it as server-icon. I don't know why some computers read the file or image name differently.

  3. Doesn't Work Cause I Did Everything

    First I got 64 x 64 image and called it server-icon.png then I went to my panel , then files , went to the file called .jar placed it in there and saved it..

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