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41 thoughts on “Minecraft Java Edition : Get Your Free Cape & Account Migration!

  1. i can just see it….. trojan hose :free cape (althugh are FORCED to take it at a point, so migt as well get the cape plus the horse, instead just the horse.)

    we are sorry to inform you, your microsoft account has been pernmanatly suspended with no appeal. reason: you supporterd trump instead of our nwo.

    ps i HATE WITH A PASSION that two step phone verification…… usaly only has text message option i lost an email becuase they want to TEXT a VOICE ONLY phone!

    i do NOT want to add a phoney number i WILL loose it in th efuture locking my acc…. i aslo dont want someone adding THEIR NUMBER on my acc, thats also how i lost my acc, this security is so hard i have lost 4 FUCKIGN GMAIL ACCOUNTS BECUASE "secirity"

  2. I don't really care about the switch, it's a hassle more than anything. Though it's definitely one step closer to the Java edition being discontinued. Microsoft doesn't want people using products from competing companies, and I'm 100% certain there is a timeline on a whiteboard somewhere of when that version will be gone. In a way that's good, the Java developers have turned the codebase into a clusterfuck, and maybe the Bedrock edition will have a chance of thriving when everyone has moved over. But it will still be a blow to modding, no matter how you look at it. Maybe that's also for the best, given how corporate even that has become. I stopped being involved in Minecraft code years ago and don't really regret it.

  3. After installing MC Dungeons I found that your device playhistory (not account, device. even games not from their platforms) are recorded and publically accessible.

    I hope they changed that yet, because it is a mayour privacy breach (we've had to talk about privacy laws in a few high school courses and I'm pretty sure this is even illegal in europe as I can't find a way to turn it off) but even if it is, something like that slipping through makes me, a certified fan of what microsoft is currently contributing to the gamed industry, rather sceptical.

  4. Are you kidding me? Out of all accounts why Microsoft. I’ve been trying to avoid at all costs to not let Microsoft have my information and now they are basically forcing us into this.. I don’t care if we get a free cape I just want to keep my account

  5. I use Linux to get away from Microsofts bullshit and now it even affects my games…thanks microsoft i love losing access to my account every month like my hotmail because your security is way too oversensitive, I love being forced to do things your way when its clearly inferior and i love having microtransactions in a game i payed for! Super fun!


  7. This just spells bad news at nearly every point of it. Especially that vague sentence at the end, if that doesn't scream buyable skins, I don't know what does. I firmly believe for now that that "Everything exterior can still be added to the game as you see fit like skins, resource packs, maps, etc…" clause will not last that long.
    Also, if everyone has that cape, it's the same as no one having it. In TF2, the Ghostly Gibus, a hat given to nearly every player very early, is the symbol of a new player. I feel it's going to be the same with that cape

  8. Just like Update Aquatic and all its features got completely forgotten by the modding community because of the great trauma of the big scary the Flattening , this new update will now be forever known as "the Microsoft Update"
    that's it, they ruined the cave update.

  9. This is in Microsoft's best interests, not ours, and I don't like it one bit. They get more people signing up for MS accounts, they get more control over Java Edition, and what do we get? Capes, and new MS accounts we didn't ask for.

    Edit: As a matter of fact, this happened with classic Doom on modern consoles, too. You're forced to create a Bethesda account, after you've already bought the game. This kind of thing shouldn't be allowed!

  10. Why would 2FA be a feature exclusive to a Microsoft account? Why not integrate it into Mojang accounts? They don't need the backbone of Microsoft because Google Auth already exists as an offline and secure alternative.

  11. I saved up for almost 3 years and I bought a ticket from Hong Kong to California Anaheim Convention to attend minecon in 2016 to get my cape, had to also pay for a hotel, transportation etc…. To me the cape is super special! Hope the capes don't become too common

  12. They really need to make this optional. I will probably migrate, as I have always wanted a cape(though a customizable cape, not a static unchanging cape) and honestly its the same email for me already. But There legacy and mojang account user who are going to get screwed out of their accounts, just because Microsoft wants to collect a little more data(which feels weird, since they basically have a monopoly on OS systems, should have plenty of data there guys). Or they need to have easy solutions for people with extremely old emails that are now defunct. Or else there's going to be a lot of angry players who will either be force to buy the game again, or(more likely) will just walk away from minecraft.

    Enough doom and gloom, lets speculate on the outfit line. The Pessimist in me thinks that that means Java edition is going to get a marketplace, because microsoft wants M O N E Y(I will never purchase a single minecoin). but the(probably foolish) Optimist in me hopes that its a features that will let you change your skin on the fly in game. rather than having to log out, go to the launcher or website and change the skin. Like maybe allow players to 3 or 5 skins readied up at a time. and a quick ctrl+s+# will let you jump between them. Probably not. Probably just Microsoft wanting to make Java more like bedrock(a foolish decision IMO)

  13. i really hope the 'more than one outfit' line means either a: people with older accounts/who have had legacy accounts get a special cape, 2: we get the option for 3d skins in java, and/or d: we get something similar to the bedrock character creator on java as well (just, yknow, good hopefully)

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