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Midnight Commander 4.8.26 File Manager Release

After six months of development, the release of the console file manager Midnight Commander 4.8.26 is published, which is distributed in source code under the GPLv3 + license.

List of major changes:

  • Support for a persistent subshell buffer has been implemented, which allows storing information about commands entered in the command line, regardless of panel manipulations. A persistent buffer is supported using the bash 4+, zsh, and fish shells. Previously, the input started after hiding the panels could be cleared or changed if the panels were returned and manipulated (for example, if you enter “ls” in the subshell and then return the panels and run “test”, then “lstest” will actually run). The user can now start typing commands in the command line below the panels, press Ctrl + O and continue typing in the full-screen subshell, or vice versa.
  • Added interface design style, in which frames and menus are displayed with shadows, as in interfaces based on Turbo Vision. The mode is enabled through the “Options => Configuration … => Dialog shadows” setting.
  • Support for filenames of arbitrary length is provided.
  • Fixed problems with displaying directory contents in mounted CIFS partitions on systems with Linux 5.1+ kernel.
  • Added the ability to use commands to work with the clipboard, even if the DISPLAY environment variable is not set.
  • Added support for “alacritty”, “tmux” and “tmux-256color” terminals.
  • VFS adds support for wim and pak archive formats.
  • Mc.ext has improved compressed content handling and adds support for fodt, fods, fodp and fodg formats.
  • The panels provide highlighting of files with extensions fodg, fodp, fods, fodt and odg.
  • The built-in editor implements syntax highlighting for code in Swift.
  • Mc.ext has improved handling of compressed content.

A source: https://www.opennet.ru/opennews/art.shtml?num=54453

A source: OpenNET

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