Midbeast Reacts To NEW TALIYAH REWORK On Korean Server!!


Midbeans is not happy!

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Credit: https://twitch.tv/midbeast

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  1. I think the rework is good for most people. I like the qol changes but I still prefer the old Taliyah. I played this champion because she was strong in the early game. W was way harder to land, but as long as you landed it once you were able to one shot your opponent and snowball.

    I'll just go back to playing Cassiopeia. So sad to see my early game queen being wrecked.

  2. 54% winrate in masters+ right now. "BuT sHe'S sO wEaK" bro, ryze, so far as I know through all of his iterations has NEVER had a winrate that high, but hey I'm sorry taliyah mains. Must be hard

  3. Dude she feels great, actually one of better rework Riot has done. I was fine with the previous version of her, she just seems like a fun champion all around, but this is huge, I like literally everything about this rework

  4. I understand for someone who is used to the play as recently as last week, but the kit is better now. The worked ground is better, they brought back AOE on q, and the wall dismount is oh so satisfying. The fact that he didn't have the changes figured out by '40 cs down' is far more telling on the player than the champ.

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