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Medieval Engineers Dedicated Server setup for Windows

Please support us on Patreon – I show you how to setup a Dedicated server for Medieval Engineers.

15 thoughts on “Medieval Engineers Dedicated Server setup for Windows

  1. thanks alot for the Video !!! could you pls help me ? im Running a Server 2016 and tyed to install stuff. For minecraft vanila server runs, but Ftb invinity doesnt. server gehts instaled. For Medieval Enginers it only opens tha plication for a half scond and thn closes again. Netframework 4.5 my Retail and up to date. Visual +++ 2010 and 2013 are installede. i dont know what to do :). never had that problem before with sever 2012R2

  2. its not allowing me to start it or anything(the medievalengineersdedicated.exe in files), sometimes it starts but then it immediately gives the "program not responding, close window", maybe a video update for newer version?

  3. Got a like for telling me right out the get that you didn't have my answer. Thank you. Perhaps a request? Dedicated server on the same machine, and mods. Just make it like 30 mins instead of 5. The reason for this, which I don't think I'm not alone in, is I want to run a server with 1440 minutes a day cycle, then start it and sync it with my time. Then I can: Play in the daytime, and daylight at the same time, or log in at night, and see my creations lights(This game is GORGEOUS to me). Plus my local friends that I'd like to try and get into this could also connect, and occasionally play with me.

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