Mayim Bialik On Why Guest Hosting Jeopardy! Is So Special to Her | JEOPARDY!

Guest host Mayim Bialik shares how being a guest host is an emotional experience and “unbelievable opportunity,” especially as a second-generation American.

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34 thoughts on “Mayim Bialik On Why Guest Hosting Jeopardy! Is So Special to Her | JEOPARDY!

  1. Mayim has been totally GREAT! Definitely in top 3 … so many other goods ones have dropped off my list. Love the lift and drop in her voice as well as the small laughs at times. She is totally enjoying herself and was very prepared to do this. I fully doubt she would want this job full time …. she has way too many other things on her plate outside of the Entertainment Genre.

  2. Can we please just dispense with the auditions, this YOUNG lady has won the job! I wasn’t expecting it, but from day one she was clearly the best. Don’t let her get away, offer the job NOW.

  3. She is the best guest host so far by so much! I hope she becomes the permanent host. Her joy in doing the job is authentic and contagious. Plus she is incredibly smart and quick. And warm. Great combo.

  4. Well said Mayim! Yes science and math was not promoted as much for girls in my generation. It was just beginning and so I’m so happy to see it being brought to the forefront as an option for women to not only study but excel in!

  5. Damn! I almost got vertigo watching her head and hands bounce all over the screen while she was talking. She must be part Italian.

  6. She's blossom today. There's two female today as a contestant,
    Just as I figured, Mara won Big today. So now, a win will put female
    In a winning format. Ladies 5 guys 3.

  7. When they get through all the guest hosts, they should do a tournament of champions for the hosts: Pick the top 5 and let them each do 2 shows over 2 weeks. Maybe include Mike Richards, Ken Jennings, & Mayim so far. Still curious how LeVar Burton is going to do.

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