In this backyard boomer vlog, I ramble a bit about how Linux and Windows are fundamentally different in ways that many content creators don’t take into account. Too many Windows users try out Linux and think that Linux is just another operating system. It’s much more than that!

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34 thoughts on “Linux Will Never Be As "Good" As Windows”
  1. There's three things I detest worse than Windows. Systemd, broken distros (Looking at you Devuan), & compiling everything (Looking at you Gentoo). So consequently I'm back on Windows.

  2. I am a windows user because I like to play bideogames but so many problems with applications because of the windows version differences not a good experience if you step out the well known ways.

  3. Just let people eff up. There's nothing wrong with learning the wrong way. Too many people today try and corral or curate reality. That's just as wrong. Who cares what's up or down? Who cares what's perceived about anything? Just experience it good, bad or indifferent. Stop trying to police experience. Everyone learns differently. And your way is just one way. Let people make mistakes, that's how they get better.

  4. i like you, but damn… you are really tryharding the "moral" side of linux. i understand it and respect it but its bit too hardcore for me, i dont take it that seriously. for me its just neat software

  5. I always tell people "Linux is the worst version of Windows I have ever used. But Windows is the WORST version of Linux I have ever used. I want a usable, simple and maintainable system. I don't want Windows. That's why I don't run Linux like Windows, I run it like Unix"

    The sneaky way I convince Windows users to use Linux is by telling them to use Windows, but to start using FOSS alternatives to the software they use – replace MS Office with LibreOffice, replace the Adobe suite with Gimp, Krita, KDenLive, etc.

    It's a rocky road at first, and many don't make it. But the ones who do always end up liking the open source software more than what they used previously. Because it does what they want, and nothing else. No BS.

    Then they start having the same problems with Windows itself, and the switch becomes obvious, AND it's an easy switch because the vast majority of FOSS that runs on Windows also runs flawlessly on Linux.

    There's some thing that just DON"T work at all on Linux. I am a professional VR developer, and almost no VR software works right on Linux, so I just boot into Windows for that. But for everything else, I use Linux. Keeping them separated with a hard line and not trying to get one to be the other works infinitely better in my experience, as they can each play to their strengths (and weaknesses).

  6. Good explanation. Could you make some content how open software is created? What are the differences between open and closed development? How developers earn money in open software? For people who are not from the software world…

  7. This guy is freaking out because of the increasing adoption of linux in the recent years. He will probably lose the Linux elitism he is holding on to in the next few years.
    I believe a software/OS can be free and open source and also be mainstream.

  8. No, they should not expect Linux to behave exactly like Windows or MacOS, but it's still in Linux's best interest to be as easy to use as possible, that is, all of the instructions must be easy to reach whenever they're needed. Like if an update is needed, it should ask something like "this install is not going to function well without an update, do you want to update?" or something like that.

  9. If you care about privacy you shouldn't have a google account and a YouTube channel. Also you should be using a degoogled phone instead of that samsung you are using.

  10. @distrotube 13:00 I am a cross-platform user and while I don't necessarily praise Linux as if it's "THE BEST FOR MY NEEDS" – It has come a long way with regards to its usability.

    Linux would never be Windows – And I don't think Linux WANTS to be Windows. I think Linux could do better in the Aerospace/ Mechanical Engineering sector – If only FOSS Engineering software have the capability of 90 percent of the equivalent Proprietary software……..

  11. that "Lifestyle change" part might be a bit hard for some people to understand without already being apart of it, this may be a good topic for a future video as im sure theres quite a lot to unpack.

  12. Back then when I was using windows, I didn't feel the need to switch to Linux because I didn't know of its existence, only then when windows 10 came and I hated how I'd have to adjust to every update a corporations make have I thought "wouldn't it be cool if I have complete control of my computer"

  13. I understand English, my Linux mint is In English, when I use my logic and read online how to do things I learn and manage. I'm not exactly a nerd. Linux is not for chimps. Linux requires curiosity and patience and the will to learn and understand.

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