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Unix vs Linux

10 ways Linux is just better!

How to Choose a Linux Distribution

In this Ep, we will talk about Linux
so what is the core of the Linux
how the kernel allowed all the things
The shell that runs on it
Distribution nightmare
New USER keypoints


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43 thoughts on “Linux OS Explained In HINDI {Computer Wednesday }”
  1. माइक्रोसॉफ्ट ने विंडोज ओएस पाइरेसी को कभी नहीं रोका ताकि लिनक्स डेस्कटॉप बाजार पर कब्जा न कर सके।

  2. I am so happy to watch this video.. I electronics diploma (polytechnic) holder and loved to be part of group..
    From last week i almost watch your 50% videos even they are older than year's. And i learnt lots of things.

  3. thanks sirji maine apka chnl subscribe kr liya hai ap bahut achha batate ho mujhe achha laga ki ap bahut fast batate hai dusro ki tarah time pass nahi karte ye mujhe bahut achha laga sir apko ek bar aur thnx

  4. Your channel is the best one which i found imparting complete info about gnu linux in hindi
    Others are just misguiding people, some saying its difficult, some saying linux is an os and not kernel, some saying linux is equal to ubuntu
    You have quality explaination

  5. As per Richard Stallman .and Free Software Foundation..!!
    Free ka matlab yahan Freedom hai not that financial wala free. Source Code ko alter karne ka freedom for personal and commercial interest.

    There are a lot of softwares that are FREE (as in open source) but you have to pay for their pro version ..

  6. Sir aap bohut acche se explain karte ho har ek topic.Par
    0.75 speed set karke aapka video dhekhna padta hai.

    🙏Plz aap toda slow bola karo video mai.Itni jaldi kyo hai aapko.

    0.75speed karke v audio samaj nhi aathi humko.
    Aap itna fast bolte ho.

  7. Amazing sir.. U hv god gifted talent.. Ur explanation about topics are very clear. Thnku so much.. Im ur regular viewer. And glad to be a part for 500th like

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