Linux gaming hasn’t just improved, it has evolved. Thousands of Windows-only games are now perfectly playable without any tweaking thanks to miraculous leaps in compatibility by #Valve and Codeweavers, the makers of Wine. This is our celebration of gaming with Linux. You’ll be amazed by what’s now possible! Make 2020 the year you ?#MakeItLinux?


See if your favourite steam games will work with #Proton at
For non-steam games, check

All of the games presented here were run natively on Linux,
or have been given at least a Silver rating with Steam’s Proton at the time of recording.

00:02 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
00:14 Portal 2
00:16 Total War: THREE KINGDOMS
00:18 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
00:20 iAlwaysSin (Minecraft)
00:25 Jason Evangelho (Golf With Your Friends)
00:28 Halo Reach*
00:33 Grand Theft Auto V*
00:35 No Mans Sky*
00:36 DOOM (2016)*
00:40 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt*
00:43 Overwatch**
00:46 Sunset Overdrive*
00:49 Prey (2017)*
00:51 The Surge*
00:53 HITMAN 2*
00:56 Subnautica*
01:00 MORDHAU*
01:03 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice*
01:07 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
01:11 Dota 2
01:13 Warframe**
01:15 Dota Underlords
01:16 Quake Champions*
01:18 Brawlout*
01:21 The Forest*
01:26 The Talos Principle*
01:28 Beat Saber*
01:29 Space Pirate Trainer*
01:31 Thumper*
01:35 X-Plane 11
01:37 Spyro Reignited Trilogy*
01:38 Session: Skateboarding Sim Game*
01:40 RiME*
01:42 Divinity: Original Sin 2*
01:44 Elite: Dangerous*
01:48 DRAG (pre-alpha)
01:51 Deep Rock Galactic (Early Access)*
01:53 Guild Wars 2**
01:54 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood*
01:55 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus*
01:56 Wreckfest*
01:57 RAGE 2*
02:01 DiRT 4
02:05 Yakuza Kiwami 2*
02:09 GRIP: Combat Racing*
02:12 Dying Light
02:16 A Plague Tale: Innocence*
02:19 Fallout 4*
02:23 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice*
*Played with steam using Proton
**Played with Lutris using Proton

Special thanks to all these fine folks who helped:
Marc Di Luzio, TNG, corben78, Emanem, junglerobba,,, Orontes Games, RickAndTired,, Jason Evangelho, iAlwaysSin, Jochen Spang, James Mawson, Jerry Morrison, Kdenlive, FFmpeg, OBS

All games, software, and logos presented are owned by their respective creators and publishers and were shown and used in good faith because they’re all absolutely awesome.

Track: Fareoh – Under Water [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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34 thoughts on “Linux Gaming In 2020 – You'll Be Amazed By What's Now Possible”
  1. So glad to see this. I must admit I have avoided Linux for several years but didn't forget about it. I think I will be reinstalling everything and dual-booting Linux with Windows one last time..

  2. Congratulations on your work. It is a brief and accurate summary that shows the potential of Linux for video games.
    Can this video be integrated with another that talks about the same thing (mentioning this channel as the original source)?

  3. I just got an old game called GTR 2 working on Linux! Took a whole day of trying stuff but it was worth it! Had to use steam proton 5 to run a non steam game, but my steering wheel wasn’t showing up in game. I used lutris, with wine 5.0 to run the game and get controller support. Any older version of wine/proton would make the game run at 1 fps

  4. That's a shame that Linux still lacks performance AND latency. Linux gaming demands sacrifice… 20 to 40% of performance sacrifice and an add of 1 to 2 frames of latency. (yes, I know that are games faster but they're very rare… and the latency demands a special kernel and turning off compositor to make it even with windows… not user friendly so it's destined to die if nobody solves it.)

  5. You guys, Wendell from LTT and the Linux Gamer have all convinced me. I'm bringing my singleplayer and native multiplayer games over. VR will have to stay on Windows sadly.

  6. LIGNUx (proton) FPS and network lag vs MS WOS FPS and network lag. SAME MACHINE and CONNECTION (ceteris paribus)
    Sometimes are faster and most times are similar, but you must show that in order to push some gamers to switch.
    Plus show FPS + LAG in Intel+Nvidia AMD+Nvidia Intel+AMD and AMDx2

    And in a near future native MS WOS VULKAN vs LiGNUx VULKAN

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