Let's Call It an Upgrade | LINUX Unplugged 470

We present a buffet of budget Linux boxes. From $40 to $400 you’ll be surprised by what we found. Then we attempt to find the perfect distro for them.

00:00:00 Pre-Show
00:00:33 Intro
00:02:08 Meetup Madness
00:13:47 Linux Copter Go Zoom
00:16:14 “Cheap” Linux Laptops
00:33:40 Minty Fresh
00:57:09 In Defense of Boosts
00:58:13 Boost: #GasForBrent
00:59:10 Boost: 8GB is Enough
00:59:41 Boost: WIFI Killed My Linux
01:00:37 Boost: ManageIQ
01:05:55 Quad Boost from Gene Bean!
01:11:53 Boost: Keep Independent Media Alive!
01:12:48 Boost: Xenon POWER
01:13:32 Boosts: Thanks!
01:14:58 Pick: User Mode FTP
01:16:18 Bonus Pick: OctoDroid
01:18:28 Outro
01:20:57 Post-Show

Show Notes & Download: https://linuxunplugged.com/470

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2 thoughts on “Let's Call It an Upgrade | LINUX Unplugged 470”
  1. Linux Mint works great and is extremely important for providing a comfort zone for Windows convertees. I'm personally more a fan of GNOME and try to get away from the Windows paradigm, but for those who want something traditional, you can't get better than Mint. Maybe Solus

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