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In this tutorial I will teach you the basics of how to use objects and object oriented programming using Java.

Thanks for watching!
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50 thoughts on “Learning Java: Part 7: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming”
  1. You probably already simplified it down (I guess) for the viewers but you can simplify tWater = tWater + amount by using tWater += amount; since they are the same. You can also use it for tWater = tWater – amount by using tWater -= amount. Nice work but I thought you should've talked about it.

  2. you're very helpful and your tutorials are so easy to understand!

    I got one question at the System.out.println("Your remaining water level:" + waterBottle.getWater());
    how was the answer 80 computed by waterBottle.getWater() ?

    thank you in advance!

  3. I did everything you did in the video, but the class ObjectIntroTest will not recognize my object "objectIntro". Why is it not recognized!!!

  4. Very useful videos. I knew a little from reading minecraft code but this is really helpful. Also for others, if you add
    System.out.println("Your remaining water level is: " + waterBottle.getWater() + " liters"); this will show liters after the water level is displayed. I was playing around with it to see how you could add text after the object. Cheers.

  5. Thank you a lot! To be honest, I am not a native english speaker, but I can understand you much better then people, who are explaining the same thing on my own language!

  6. will teacher just for you to know a constructor is used to initialize objects and you defined a default constructor which you do not need to cuz every java program have a default constructor hidden and defined.

  7. Would you ever be willing to offer some advice and/or help for my com sci class projects that involve object oriented programming? I am working on one now and atm i am totally confused on how to finish it. (this particular project is due thursday, so if you somehow do not see this comment till after the fact i hope you will still offer assistance on future assignments I may have)

  8. I dont understand the parameter thing. I've watched all of your videos and still don't understand what parameters in methods do. Can you please explain?

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