Kanata's Reaction When Visiting HoloEN Server Through The New Portal【Hololive Eng Sub】

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Hololive 4th Gen

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49 thoughts on “Kanata's Reaction When Visiting HoloEN Server Through The New Portal【Hololive Eng Sub】

  1. "Everyone here is dating"

    Somehow in my head I imagined it that she would be so happy going on a date with Coco to the HoloEN Server. And now I am depressed by this thought.

  2. I think everyone says almost the same things. They never go anywhere further than the first location with the portals or the original Myth area with Iron Farm. Someone should guide them, maybe Tako Tours

  3. I'm guessing that she go to an English class and talk to coco in English sometimes at her house because her reading and pronunciations doesn't sound too awkward. There's a bit of Japanese in there but overall she getting better at it.

  4. Overexaggerated Overseas Viewers – "Oh my god! I love Spirited Away! That's amazing!"
    Overexaggerated Kanata – "I mean, I kinda remember it being good. That's an anime right?"

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