Install Kali Linux 2021.2 on Windows 10 using VMware Workstation Player for free. Need help? Join my Discord:

Kali Linux install overview: 0:00
Type 2 hypervisor: 0:19
Type 1 hypervisor: 0:49
What we are doing: 1:10
Kali options (bare metal, WSL, live boot etc): 1:30
Download VMware virtual machine: 2:16
Download VMware Workstation Player: 3:00
7zip software: 3:50
Install VMware Workstation Player: 4:47
Start VMware Workstation Player: 6:37
VT-x / AMD-V Requirement: 6:57
Enable VT-x / AMD-V: 7:57
Install 7z software: 11:31
Extract Kali 7z file: 11:57
Move VMware files to the correct directory: 12:29
Import Kali 2021.2 Virtual Machine: 13:00
Change Virtual Machine settings: 13:27
Start Kali Linux on Windows computer: 14:23
Login into Kali Linux VM: 14:51
WiFi with Kali Linux: 15:37
Run wifite to check wifi networks: 16:43

Links mentioned:
WiFi adapters:
VMware download:

Recommended WiFi Adapters:
Alfa AWUS036NHA:
Alfa AWUS036ACM:
Alfa AWUS036ACH: or

Alfa AWUS1900:
Alfa Long-Range Dual-Band AC1200:
Alfa AWUS036NEH:

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32 thoughts on “Kali Linux 2021.2 zero to WiFi (Free install)”
  1. I've had success with Wifite, Linset and Wifiphisher. In hindsight I wish I would've had a dedicated machine for cracking passwords to expedite the process. I'm not a fan of vm machines tbh, much easier to partition the drive and dual boot and cut out the middleman trouble shooting w/the vm. Learning linux from the beginning is painful enough why subject yourself to more headaches with a vm imho.

  2. Sir does M1 mac support booting from pendrive (live persistence) for Kali Linux
    As the file is available in downloads in kali website,but it doesn't list when we enter the boot menu in mac.
    If possible please make a video on how to use kali Linux live persistence on M1 MacBook Air

  3. I am studying for Microsoft certifications now, as soon as I am done with it, I'll start your course in Udemy, I can avoid thinking about it, it was a very good impression, just didn't have time to take it, yet!!

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