8 thoughts on “Just Babbling About Linux and LTT's 2nd Video

  1. i see the LTT fanboys are coming into the rating system again haha. even though im not attacking the guy. this will probably be the last response video towards that subject.

  2. I think the issue with how LTT videos are being received from the Linux hardcore people is, sadly, the Linux crowd is taking every negative as a condemnation of Linux as a whole instead of examining what this challenge was originally proposed as, answering the question “If you are a gamer, should you be considering Linux as your operating system”. Now its a pretty simple question to answer for the most part, and the answer is no. Linux is a hobby all on its own, and if you want that hobby in addition to gaming then by all means go for it, but the reality is its just not something anyone who is only a gamer should ever consider.

    It’s not like gamers are opposed to using non windows based platforms for gaming, see the fact that the console market is significantly larger than the PC gaming market. People are happy to use something that makes gaming easier and more accessible. The steam deck will likely bring a massive number of “Linux Users” into the gaming scene, but exclusively for steam games supported by the system, make gaming easier and people will flock, make there be additional steps, restarts, searching the internet for fixes. Nope, not a chance, doesn’t matter what other benefits you might bring.

    Hardware is a little different but mostly the same, the ability to plug and play anything, not have to search a box to see if it has official support, and knowledge that anything cool that you might want in the future will be 100% supported, thats a tough situation to pass up for anyone who cares about such things. Myself included.

  3. as for wayland…its expected to be abandom after soo many troubles lately …xorg 21 is becoming what wayland could not or succeed to do…to make it work as xorg back then…for mean while arcan is next X12 or A12 dsiplay server path while wayland end up in the bin or garbage abandomware …so much for all the hype of it…cause i know very little of the software and why it been shove our throats quickly ….

  4. i use void linux…and its only distro is not base on gibberish systemd problems that cause many issue on your partitions …and wayland just made everything worst for everyone…not just windows users but linux users don't know why they abandom the xorg updates then you created a mess uppon the community due to lack of communication for same old excuse…developers did not abandom xorg…they took long break…and come back with major update…that really drop the ball on wayland creators that Arcan also doing more than wayland itself was suppose to do …VR gaming

  5. Big thumbs up for the honesty in this video. Some Linux nerds I'm sure want to act like it was all their fault that things didn't work BUT fact is they represented the average PC gamer. Admitting there are things that won't work is being realistic. Special hardware like you said VR and that mixer DAC interface thing Linus had I wasn't too surprised that didn't work. Things can get better. But as for Linus bricking pop_os yeah that was weird. Linus has a strange setup IIRC the actual PC is in a closet/server rack and he runs a thunderbolt 3 optical cable to his desk. Meaning USB (kb, mouse, webcam etc) and displays (HDMI or DP) are all going through a thunderbolt hub. I wonder if that caused the issue.

  6. I encourage people to quit calling Mint, Pop, etc. beginner distros because that sounds like they are going to get a Ford Pinto rather than a Chrysler 300. Instead I would say Mint, Pop, etc. are solid, reliable, distros with lots of support for new and veteran users whilst some others are more finicky and more suitable for developers and experts.

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