JSNation Conference 2022 #JSNation #GitNation #OSAwards

Breakthrough of the Year – SolidJS (https://github.com/solidjs)
The Most Exciting Use of Technology – Partytown (https://github.com/BuilderIO/partytown)
Fun Side Project of the Year – Gaze Detection (https://github.com/charliegerard/gaze-detection)
The Most Impactful Contribution to the Community – pnpm (https://github.com/pnpm/pnpm)
Productivity Booster – Omni (https://github.com/alyssaxuu/omni)

Follow the link for all the conference talks, QnA’s with speakers and hands-on workshop recordings → https://portal.gitnation.org/events/jsnation-2022

This event would not take place without the support of sponsors:

? Platinum Sponsors
Ag Grid → https://www.ag-grid.com/
Capgemini → https://careersatcapgemini.nl/
Appwrite → https://appwrite.io/

? Gold Sponsors
StackHawk → https://www.stackhawk.com/
OLX → https://careers.olxgroup.com/
Decentology → https://www.decentology.com/
Docker → https://www.docker.com/
Modus Create → https://moduscreate.com/
Snyk → https://snyk.io/
Contentful → https://www.contentful.com/
Bitvavo → https://bitvavo.com/en
Focus Reactive → https://focusreactive.com/

? Silver Sponsors
Stream → https://getstream.io/
3t Software → https://studio3t.com/
Yoast → https://yoast.com/
Twilio → https://www.twilio.com/ahoy
BCGDV → https://bcgdv.com/
Utopia Music → https://utopiamusic.com/
SISU → https://www.sisu.tools/

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2 thoughts on “JSNation Conference 2022 – JavaScript Open Source Awards Ceremony”
  1. My god, the title cards for this award show are abrasive. Also awards for OSS? Who is picking these projects? There is a lot of cringe here, i don't think I can watch to the end.

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