Javascript Functions & Parameters | Javascript Tutorial For Beginners

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Getting Started With Javascript | Learn Javascript For Beginners

In this video series we are going to learn modern javascript from scratch. This video is recommended for anyone wanting to learn javascript the modern way with ES2015. No previous programming knowledge is required, so this video series will help you learn javascript as your first programming language.

We will also cover how to create functions and use them to write clean and scoped code in javascript. After we are going to create a simple function that is going to take a string and uppercase it for us once we invoke the function.

Finally we are going to look at 3 different ways of writing a function. The ES6 being my favourite, arrow function.

Things covered in this video:

How to create a function in javascript.
Different types of functions we can use.
How to add parameters in functions.

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44 thoughts on “Javascript Functions & Parameters | Javascript Tutorial For Beginners

  1. Thank-you so much for the time you have taken to create this course for us, I truly appreciate it alot. When I type in toUpper(name); the "name" has a line through it. Should it do that or am I messing up somewhere?

  2. imo the "const randomFunction = () => {}" syntax is just hard to read and useless…! I don't know why they added that because I'm pretty sure like 5% of people will use it and it will just make things harder for their co workers; there is no reason for that; writing "function" is very simple rather than "() =>"

  3. bro i love you you know your tutos are the best in youtube whene i ended all your tutorials i'm like i have all the power and now i'm realy good in html css jquery thxxxxxxx

  4. Can any of the new Javascript 3D stuff handle parametric equations with over 100,000 points smoothly? I put in a 20 MB x3D file and it worked smoothly. So I know it's possible. Having dozens of 20MB files would move a bunch of data that doesn't need to be moved.

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