Java vs C++ (which one should you learn in 2021?) | VPS and VPN
Java vs C++ (which one should you learn in 2021?)

Java vs C++ (which one should you learn in 2021?)

Join me as I do a comparison video for Java and C++ today. Let’s look at their similarities and differences by their features and characteristics as a programming language. In line with that, I will also enumerate the types of works that are waiting for you in the software development industry as you specialized in either Java or C++.

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Should You Learn C++ in 2021? –

Java and C++ are one of the most popular programming languages there is in the tech industry. As a software engineer, in this video, I will give you every essential information for you to decide which programming language you are going to learn in 2021. By comparing these two languages, you will know which of them will have a great impact on your career development, as well as bringing you closer to your goals and aspirations as a developer.

As we all know, this channel is made for you, my fellow software developers, to keep you informed, to help you grow, and to help you become a productive programmer to skyrocket your Productive Score.


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  1. I don't think I congratulated you on 2k subs yet. Congrats! I used to know Java and because it was great for my job. I like your videos on comparisons because these are exactly the questions I was asking when I was trying to figure out what to learn. Thanks for sharing Wallace!

  2. Hi! This is chill! You should work with Bad Friends. Their videos sorta are like Yes Theory mixed with a blend of MrBeast. Theyre the coolest team of vloggers in America and they legitly get turnt all the time.

    You should totally see their YT out and give the team a subscribe! 👉 #ShockingBadFriends

  3. 5:28 One of the biggest problems that Java developers who attempt to use C++ make is that they continue to program as if they were using Java. The new keyword is familiar to them so they try to use it everywhere but this unavoidably leads to complicated code and memory leaks. The new keyword should in fact be used much less often in C++ than in Java. Some say you should never use new (and delete) in modern C++. In most situations you don't need to dynamically allocate objects, you just declare them as local variables and they will get cleaned up automatically when they go out of scope, like variables of primitive types in Java. Dynamic allocations are often wrapped up in classes so you don't need to handle it manually. So once you get used to the C++ way of doing it (which is quite different from the Java way) then it's not that difficult to avoid memory leaks but there are also good debuggers (e.g. valgrind) for detecting memory leaks if you need them. Many people who program in C++ actually think this approach is better because C++ doesn't need a garbage collector and the deterministic nature that you know when something is going to be destroyed can actually be an advantage. Take for instance the famous rule that you have to remember in Java to close files when you are done using them. In C++ you don't need this because the file is automatically closed in the destructor when the file stream goes out of scope. You can use the same mechanism for scoped mutex locks and other things.

  4. Rule number 1, learn the language you want to learn, not what somebody on the internet tells you. There might be aspects of a language (not necessary in the language itself but in its community, documentation, license, and so on) that you care about that others don't.

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