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Apple has basically dominated the market when it comes to tablet devices with the iPad. Samsung is still trying, Microsoft has made attempts, but it seems like no one can take the crown. JingPad wants to take a shot with the A1 and use their own version of Linux as the OS!

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0:00 – Intro
1:06 – Unboxing
2:04 – Exterior first impressions
3:00 – Sponsor – Linode!
3:35 – Keyboard impressions
4:40 – Trying out JingPad
5:35 – Camera impressions
6:55 – Product overview and specs
10:11 – Install apps and impressions
12:32 – Audio speakers impressions
13:20 – Final thoughts

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30 thoughts on “Is Linux The ANSWER???”
  1. I’ll be honest I’m a bit disappointed that the device wasn’t USB C as default. I feel it’s already aged the product. I can’t imagine the costs of going over to USB C is any different or enough to affect profits. It just makes sense considering a universal 240w USB C cable is coming out soon.

  2. I mean, you can install Linux on chromebooks as well. And chromebooks like Lenovo Ideapad Duet and similar offerings from HP and ASUS are probably similarly or even more capable than this thing.

  3. If it comes with a stylus and a case, the actual value of the device is so much lower, therefor why would you recommend a device based on what it comes with? Yeah this half-assed tablet is great because it comes with a stylus and a case? Come on..

    It's a $400ish tablet running on an OS that needs way more work, it's basically for linux enthusiasts

  4. This has so much potential! It seems already in a state where one can use it for some use cases very well. Once they ironed out some of the drawbacks this can really take off. A linux tablet proper would be awesome!

  5. I own a Galaxy Tab S7 for about half a year now and i have to say i actually love it more than i expected and think they are seriously underrated these days, especially at their price point. I initially just bought it because i didn't need a new phone, but got a new device included with my provider every 2 years. And as I already have lots of Samsung stuff i decided to test it out. It's super responsive, 120hz display with variable refresh rate, the pen is amazingly fast (and also hovers!) and accurate for notes and the occasional sketch for work (I'm an architecture student), the screen is nice, the speakers are actually quite amazing and i never had any problems with it so far. It's light, fast and with the additional keyboard case even very useful for meetings and mails.

    After testing it out for some time now i have to say those are seriously overlooked and a very, very compelling alternative to the iPad (even the Pro), with great integration in the Samsung/Google cosmos with notes, calendars etc. It also has a nice battery runtime of at least 3-5 days depending on usecase which makes it extra useful for me who often just throws it in my backpack without looking for the battery percentage…

  6. kinda sad that GIMP do need manually change the dynamic setting to enable pressure sensitive from fresh install. (just in tool setting there, saying Dynamic OFF)
    many tech reviewers or other artist youtuber who does reviews just cant or able to test pressure sensitive with GIMP.
    (due to this, some claim GIMP doesnt have sensitive support even though it does and supports custom pressure too and such. just different than the likes of Clip Paint Studio)

  7. Woah, hold fire on the Tab. Have you tried the Tab S7+? Basically flagship phone specs, has amazing (seriously) speakers, is thinner than MOST PHONES, and has a 10000(or 9000 i think)mAh battery

  8. PFFT! I had the first big box Linux tablet (well PDA) way back in 2001 with the Sharp Zaurus SL5000D…

    These days you can run it on practically any (Android) tablet using Andronix or Linux Deploy.

    A decent tablet should have no problem running most distros. I even run Arch on an old Chinese crap tab.

    Chromebooks: ChromiumOS (and by extension ChromeOS) IS a Linux distro.

    Granted up until a few years ago you weren't able to access anything Linux specific. But now Crostini on ChromeOS creates a Debian container to run Linux apps.

    Or if you really want that "Pure Linux" feel, you could always install Crouton on a Chromebook.

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