Linus and Luke (from Linus Tech Tips) recently published video number two of their “Linux gaming challenge”. In this video, both men had some complaints about their Linux experience so far. Linus, in particular, had a lot of negative things to say. Here are some of my thoughts on their video.


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17 thoughts on “Is Linus Trolling The Linux Community?”
  1. While I agree that Linus did seem overbearing about certain issues he had with experiencing Linux, I can understand where he comes from, DT. While you and I are avid users who have underlying knowledge of Linux and how it operates, there are many people out there who use Mac and Windows who have the idea that the terminal and bash shell sound like something out an 80's movie. I personally know many people who would have the same issues he experienced if they tried out Linux, and I know that they do not have the knowledge to efficiently Google an answer for. It's not that he wasn't able to sort out the solutions, it's the fact that he took a stance as an "every day normal user like grandma Betty", and this is still one of the huge reasons why most people avoid Linux. They don't understand "how" or "why" an OS acts the way it does. For them, it's simply "Windows", and the GUI is the only way to interact with your device. Until there is more emphasis on the GUI instead of "just terminal it", I don't see a lot of my relatives adopting Linux no matter how hard I try to persuade them.

  2. Claiming his complaint about APT not working is not legitimate, is EXACTLY the backwards attitude that makes linux so difficult to use and exactly why it will never gain desktop marketshares unless you fix that attitude… If you want to say linux is something ready for desktop use, which the entire point of the videos is to see if it is, then linux as a whole, has to agree on some level of standard of what linux is. All of this crap with a thousand different package managers and ten thousand different ways to install an app, is great for really advanced users, but it's COMPLETELY JUNK for the average user. Linux, clearly isn't ready for the average user then.

  3. You kind of both right. Linus, it seems to me, is trying to represent the experience of a "normie", as you called it. Probably the key here is "trying to represent", rather then just experiencing. The problems he is describing are obviously there, I do believe none of it is made up. If I had to guess, the apt problem may have been caused by some pacman to apt adapter that tried to simulate the functionality and was eventually removed between takes. Usually these things don't work that well unless maintained meticulously because both programs add features and the gap between them can only go ever wider. He probably would not be able to find the one he used even if he tried.

    Regarding game companies' fault for not supporting Linux – it's not that easy. Even Linus Torvalds was frustrated with how differently distributions handle software. There are solutions, but any of them would require additional development. Ultimately it's their calculation whether it's worth it.

    As I recall, Linus does own a framework laptop that runs Linux AFAIK, and I'm pretty sure he is way more familiar with Linux then he's trying to show. Sure, a lot of problems he shows are related to custom hardware, but I'm sure he is way more familiar with basics then he shows. After all, he does have to create a show.

  4. The LTT challenge is in no way representative of how an actual user will switch to linux, there are a lot more steps, and the way he started acting like it's the first time using a website when he was on github was probably on purpose, because there's no way that just isn't for comedic value

  5. Linux nerds being upset because the new kid doesn't play with their toys correctly. Have fun in your sand pit alone, losers.
    This is exactly the kind of attitude that makes people think you're a bunch of neurodivergent antisocial weirdos, grow up ffs.
    It's also why Microsoft can get away with horrible abominations like [insert upcoming windows release here] without being punished by the consumer.

  6. "that's not a Linux problem" (re: drivers), yes it is. It might not be the fault of Linux developers, it might even be impossible to solve without first party support, but it is absolutely, 100%, a "Linux problem"

  7. Since I’ve been learning Linux for a while I understand how and what is the differences between distros. But that is also part of my job and I like to do that. Therefore spare sometime to learn is a pleasure for me.

    However for my friend who work as a graphic designer, what he did is instal the apps he need and run it. Practically what he need to do is double click the installer then click next next next until finish then do his job.

    He tried linux once, I’m helping him out to set up but eventually in the middle of his work he kept facing trouble due to incompatibility, different format which cannot read by Linux by default and in other times he just got notification to update so he update but after that he got error and he don’t understand. And he cannot afford time to fix by learning or wait for me to come because his work is waiting.

    What I see with Linus is he is positioning him self as a game streamer who jump from Windows to Linux. Which I believe other streamer who try jump to linux, some or many could act similar, and we cannot blame them because their job is do game stream, thats where their income came from.

    So for us who fortunate to learn Linux happily must be grateful but also accept people who complain such as Linus are real and a lot of people out there act the same or even worse. These all based in my experience hence I’m not giving up with people such it or make threats. Give them a friendly advice, suggestion and smile. Therefore they will want to try and come to Linux again.

    Cheers ?

  8. Firstly, I disagree with your complaint about pacman and apt, linux is a kernel… it's also a multitude of OS' based on that kernel and, how should I put this, most people are not manjaro, or fedora, or ubuntu, or pop evangelists, they're "LINUX!" evangelists, and thus, if you come to linux thinking of it as an OS as opposed to a kernel, you end up with the misunderstanding Linus had with pacman. The fact that Windows is a family of operating systems, the same way linux is, but people know that Windwos 7 is an operating system, and so is Windows 10, while most linux novices will not know that OpenSUSE is one operating system and Ubuntu is another is a problem of communication, one caused in no small part by the repeated usage of the word distribution. Distribution means different things for different people, BUT linux distributions are a can of worms that's hard to explain to most people, mainly because linux evangelists refuse to use the phrase "operating system" on the one hand, and refer to a multitude of OS' as distributions of the Linux kernel. If you're not part of the Linux community you will be confused. It doesn't help that the desktop GNU-Linux community also repeatedly rejects Android and Chromium as "Linux". For most people that only leaves them more confused.

    Also, in regards to github, even if we asume he was a moron for thinking dl a file that ends with .sh should have been a script and not an HTML file(and for anyone that says that those extension things only work on windows, windows is 80%+ of the market share, it doesn't really matter how the rest of the OS treat file extensions) that doesn't make what he said any falser, if you need to use github, or phabriacator or any other tool specially designed for developers then the OS you are using is made for developers and not desktop end users, indifferent of what their marketing says. This isn't a matter of your grandma not being able to navigate github, this is a matter of your average office drone and/or gamer not being able to either. And it's the reason why all the fosstards that are against telling people how to do something from the GUI like they do on the Ubuntu forums are fundamentally wrong. tell people how to do things from the terminal is BS if things like the shell and package manager are not universal. sudp apt-get might work on debian based distros but it won't on any other, what's the point of bothering to tell people how to do it via the terminal? just so they know how to do it if they more to another debian based distro?

    Also, about games that support or don't support linux… that's a double edged sword. I have games that are linux native that don't work. If i try to install a game from 20 years ago that came out for Windows I can. If I try to do the same for linux I can't. And even games that work, sometimes they end up being broken. There's this linux game that lunches and works on linux but which always crashes at the end of the first level. The name is Valley and you can go check it's ProtonDB page. I and the few other people that played it only did so because of Proton. Were it not for proton, this linux native game would be completely unplayable on linux. Corporations will only support a product for a given amount of time. After a while it becomes unfeasible to do so since you're no longer making any money off of it. Even if Valley had been open source, that would have still required a programmer that knew what he was doing to troubleshoot the game in his free time to maybe make it work, because, let's face it, most people, gamers included are not coders and wouldn't have been able to learn more than the basics of programming just so they can make a game work.

  9. "this is basic stuff" hard disagree. Package managers are extremely technical and it is absolutely asking too much to ask end users to know what they are and how to use them. Just because you find something basic or easy doesn't mean end users can. This seriously shows a complete lack of empathy towards non technical people.

  10. ty for this as this video needed to be made by someone like urself
    im not sure if linus doesnt understand how PCs function with an OS or what
    he is kinda young so maybe he never used DOS before?
    it just boggles me as it seems our approach, mine and linus, is very far from similar with a similar end goal

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