In this course, you will learn basics of computer programming and computer science. The concepts you learn apply to any and all programming languages and will be a good base onto which you can build your skills.

This video is meant for those who are interested in computer science and programming but have no idea where to start and have little to no background information on coding.

вњЏпёЏCourse created by Steven and Sean from NullPointer Exception. Check out their channel:

в­ђпёЏ Course Contents в­ђпёЏ
вЊЁпёЏ (00:05) Introduction
вЊЁпёЏ (01:37) What is Programming?
вЊЁпёЏ (06:19) How do we write Code?
вЊЁпёЏ (11:44) How do we get Information from Computers?
вЊЁпёЏ (14:46) What can Computers Do?
вЊЁпёЏ (20:43) What are Variables?
вЊЁпёЏ (25:02) How do we Manipulate Variables?
вЊЁпёЏ (31:54) What are Conditional Statements?
⌨️ (37:54) What are Array’s?
вЊЁпёЏ (44:26) What are Loops?
вЊЁпёЏ (49:37) What are Errors?
вЊЁпёЏ (55:22) How do we Debug Code?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:00:25) What are Functions?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:09:52) How can we Import Functions?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:13:45) How do we make our own Functions?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:21:56) What are ArrayLists and Dictionaries?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:27:38) How can we use Data Structures?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:36:27) What is Recursion?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:43:42) What is Pseudocode?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:50:40) Choosing the Right Language?
вЊЁпёЏ (1:55:34) Applications of Programming

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33 thoughts on “Introduction to Programming and Computer Science – Full Course”
  1. just finished watching the whole it jst take lot of time to complete..hoping to have good impact on learning programmimg language in future..

  2. Not sure how far I'll be able to follow this, but I definitely remember doing the conditional stuff when I was messing around with my graphing calculator in high school to make dumb little text games. If A then B, stuff like that.

  3. I think you accidentally confused the rows and columns. Rows are the horizontal ones and columns are the vertical ones. So in the first example: (0,2) position should mean 'Arnold' and not 'Clint' . Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Also in the second example, (1,1) position holds the string value: 'Ben' and not 'Chris' .

  4. One thing I need to point out is in JavaScript you CAN change array size after initialization.
    Unless that's what you meant by "you cannot change size through conventional methods". But it's not like its difficult to adjust the size of an array. There's numerous/conventional methods such as push, shift, pop, etc.

    Or am I missing something here?

  5. Waw its nice explanation but I have question in indexing 2D arrays example,
    It says 0,1 its in 0 raw and in 1 column but in 1,1 it have to be in 1 row and 1 column but it is in 2 column so I don't understand why is different from 0,1 and 1,1

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